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Popular Posts of 2013 on Blog Me Mom

Popular Posts of 2013 on Blog Me Mom
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Most Popular Kids Activities of 2013 on Blog Me Mom

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Wasn’t that a fantastic year? It sure was for us here! I want to say goodbye to 2013 on a highly positive note..So here we bring you the most popular activities here on Blog Me Mom. Not surprisingly most of them on this list are sensory activities and the rest are art activities our 2 most favorite type of kids activities the children LOVE..

Thanks to all our wonderful readers who support us by simply visiting our little space. 2013 was a bit of a surprise for me! I was really humbled by the growing number of visitors on the blog and KBN (Kid Blogger Network) played a big part in that.

Kid Blogger Network is a great, loving and friendly community of kid bloggers who encourage and support each other though ups and downs. Joining the Kid Bloggger Network and communicating with all the wonderful bloggers has been a fantastic fun and learning experience for me. These people on here have showed me ways to enjoy every minute of our childrens’  fleeting child hood. For example Ness here has beautifully portrayed what it means to really connect with your children. Visit here ABC’s connecting with your child post- you will love it.  Another post which has always been close to my heart is “10 simple ways to slow down and make your child’s day “on Hands on As we Grow – just the title alone is awesome. Being somewhere in between a “No Mom” and a “Yes Mom” has worked out great worked for me and I have done many things from the above list.  Simple things like “ reading the kids that extra book, ” letting them jump in the puddles when THEY want to”, ” saying yes to ” mom can I play with this shredded paper?“, ” being fine with mixed up, rainbow colored playdough containers”, honestly enjoying ” “rainbow handprints on your stucco” have really made me feel happy and content as a mother.

This blog is in no way a complete look at our lives- it is rather a small part of our day. However it has been an exciting part! The kids and I*try* to spend atleast an hour a day doing an activity together – sometimes they are planned, sometimes they are on the go activities but everyone of them are catered to the kid’s interests and are completely child-led. If the children would much rather play or create with a different medium we pack up the project and proceed with what THEY want. This entire gig is for them after all.We engage in everything from art projects, simple crafts, sensory play, role play, simple backyard play with a fun game of good-old tag! It doesn’t have to be an activity that needs 2 days of planning and 20 trips to the craft store sometimes we just use buckets of water and soap and have a grand time in the afternoon..

Hope 2014 is just as great as 2013! Here’s to all the great people caring for young children.. Let’s pat ourselves on our backs and get ready to enjoy 2014.

Back to the blog here, here is our TOP 10 most viewed posts of 2013 with our ever popular “edible water beads” topping the list.

Edible Water Beads

sensory activities with water beads

Sudsy Goop

sensory activities with goop

Tulip Painting

spring art

Just Add Water Art

tissue paper art activity

Sensory Jars for Fall

fall snsory jars

Homemade Face Paint


Chilled Playdough Recipe

chilled playdough

Halloween Sensory Activities


Easter Crafts : Scratch and Glitter Eggs

scratch eggs for easter kids

Cotton Rounds Art

cotton rounds

Thanks for reading!

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