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Homemade easy face paint recipe

Homemade easy face paint recipe
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Homemade easy face paint recipe

Any painting activitywith the kids become a full body experience right? Kids paint their faces, arms and legs and what not? So when  I came across this homemade face paint recipe from a family friend I HAD to try it. We enjoy creating our own play recipes for sensory activities and art activities. Today’s post falls in both categories!

Here is the homemade face paint recipe

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]

  • 2 TSP corn starch
  • 1 tsp body lotion/cream
  • 1 tsp water.
  • Food color


The above measurements will be good for 1 face paint color.

Mix all the ingredients except the food color and put them in separate containers. Add more water if need be and make sure to mix until a creamy mixture forms without any lumps. Then add the desired food color. Note:  If you DON’T want any amount of staining  whatsoever please use store brand liquid food color. Then there will be no staining. Just to be sure, test a small portion of the skin before proceeding to paint. I used high quality gel food color and it does stain the skin a bit. However a bath and a scrub right after play takes care of most of the stain leaving a very mild stain which was gone the very next day.

We made six colors of this simple face paint and used baby lotion just to play it safe. But next time I’d use lotions of different fragrances for that added sensory input. Imagine vibrant, soft homemade face paint which smells great too? That’s triple sensory play for the kiddos.

Here is our homemade face paint line up!

homemade facepaint

face paint recipe

 This was a wonderful open ended play for both the kids which encouraged them to be as creative as possible.

The toddler explored the paint with her fingers, arms and would just slather all over her  body. We took turns playing the body paint “designer” and the customer. 

facepaint ideas

A blue “monster” hand.

facepainting ideas for kids

My preschooler wanted to paint  on  me and she loved to play designer and created many designs on my forearm and legs.

facepainting ideas for kids (2)

After a few minutes, the clothes came off and the kids were covered in paint all over. So the pictures are not suitable for public viewing. Now it is your turn to try this fun  face paint .

Whenever we have a painting session, the kids end up painting themselves. Ironically, when I set out this new homemade face paint, there was quite a bit of art which ended up on the paper.

home made face paint on paper

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    • The stain depends on the food color. I have seen store brand liquid watercolors don’t stain that much. You can always do a skin test on a small area before going big.. Thanks for reading!

  1. This is so pretty! I really hope somebody can give me a reply here soon because I don’t see any and I know this isn’t a recent post. Could you tell me at what age could you start with this? I mean could you use it with babies? meaning under 1 year old? Could you use it with maybe babies after 6 months old? I hope you can reply 🙂

    • Hi thanks for reading. Babies under 1 tend to really mouth and put foreign objects in their mouth. The recipe contains lotion so it is quite possible your baby may take a lick and that’s not ok. If you can supervise your baby carefully and make sure the face paint doesn’t get into her mouth then there is no harm trying it. It just contains cornstarch and lotion. Make sure the lotion you use is hypo-allergenic and baby safe.


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