Home Art Projects Easter Egg Ideas : Scratch and glitter eggs

Easter Egg Ideas : Scratch and glitter eggs

Easter Egg Ideas : Scratch and glitter eggs
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Have you started decorating your eggs already? Decorating appeals to many girls and mine are no exception. Nature girl she is, after collecting bugs and creating a terrarium, she had to decorate it with curtains! Yes, a soda bottle terrarium with pink sheers. Of course Easter egg decorations will positively excite her.

Today’s post is about decorating Easter eggs using the homemade scratch art technique.

We started off with eggs at room temperature since eggs straight out of the refrigerator did will not take crayons well.

My preschooler started coloring the eggshell with some bright colored crayons. I reminded her to use multiple colors and to press lightly ( not too much- we are coloring on eggs) Once the child is done coloring the eggs, you might have to go over and cover up all the white with some color. Make sure all the white is covered up with colors to have a fun looking scratch art eggs.

easter egg decorations with crayons

Our finished crayon eggs.

colored crayons easter eggs

Then she painted over with black acrylic paint mixed with a few drops of dish soap. Tempera paint will work as well.

easter crayons eggs

The black eggs by themselves look cool right? So much black screamed glitter and that’s exactly what we did. We drenched the black eggs with some glitter and let them dry.

Easter ideas for kids with scratch eggs

Drying time thankfully took around 10 minutes and we came back to scratch the eggs. Since this was the first time we are attempting homemade scratch art and the fact that we are working eggs, I had to put the camera down. My preschooler was interested in making lines and just about scratching.   Also this is supposed to be ” do your own thing” kind of open ended art project ( our favorite kind) I tried not to give any pattern suggestions.

scratch eggs for easter

easter eggs ideas art

scratch easter ideas

She was very excited when her scratches revealed a bright array of colors.

easter eggs decorations ideas for kds

We went super over board with the glitter here. Don’t they look like space eggs? Very futuristic!

scratch eggs easter decoration

>The babies in the basket

easter egg decorating idea for kids
Quick note : You can decorate the eggs first and then “blow” the contents out using a turkey baster. Visit Red Ted Art’s wonderful Google Hangout video where she shows you  ” how to blow your eggs” 

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]

  • Room temperature eggs
  • Black paint (tempera/acrylic)
  • Dish Soap
  • Crayons
  • Tooth Picks


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  1. Just found this through Pinterest, what a fun idea! What’s the ratio of paint to dish soap? You did mention a few drops of soap, how much paint? Thanks!

  2. I’m the Editorial Assistant for Fun Family Crafts and I wanted to let you know that we have featured your egg idea! You can see it here:


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    • Sure. You can hard-boil the eggs first and once they reach room temperature use the crayons. Ofcourse you can’t keep the eggs for a long time. I just threw a couple of mine out.

  3. I was very interested when I saw post on a friends page. I’ve read how, & decided to share on mine & my children’s to do with their children…a family tradition! Thank you for sharing. Be blessed.


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