scratch eggs for easter kids
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Have you started decorating your eggs already? Decorating appeals to many girls and mine are no exception. Nature girl she is, after collecting bugs and creating a terrarium, she had to decorate it with curtains! Yes, a soda bottle terrarium with pink sheers. Of course Easter egg decorations will positively excite her.

Today’s post is about decorating Easter eggs using the homemade scratch art technique.

We started off with eggs at room temperature since eggs straight out of the refrigerator did will not take crayons well.

My preschooler started coloring the eggshell with some bright colored crayons. I reminded her to use multiple colors and to press lightly ( not too much- we are coloring on eggs) Once the child is done coloring the eggs, you might have to go over and cover up all the white with some color. Make sure all the white is covered up with colors to have a fun looking scratch art eggs.

easter egg decorations with crayons

Our finished crayon eggs.

colored crayons easter eggs