About Us

Hello Hello Hello,

Dusting off this little old page here..

Rewriting this page after almost 2 years of starting this website is completely a different experience. What started as a simple documentation of our family’s every day activities has morphed into something more. As the blogging days went by, I realized that I love sharing our little art projects, sensory play ideas and our occasional kids crafts with you all. The more I blogged, the quicker I realized the way kids play and learn – all through hands on activities.

Refresher about our family here.

I’m a stay at home mother to two girls 6 and 4. On some of our older posts you will see Baby A { who now is 4} and Big A { who is now 6} Both the girls have a wide variety of interests ranging from anything wild life to building, science, pretend play, art and crafts. Yes, they enjoy everything as long there aren’t any rules!

I still don’t have any pictures of them on any of the posts. Sometimes I really wish I could show you all { my loving readers) their faces’ filled with joy and excitement but sadly I can’t.  I’m super paranoid about kids and their pictures online. Too many creeps out there! But hey, I’m sure you are nice. A caregiver looking for kids activities..Right? Haha.

Alright moving on to recent news

We have recently rebranded and now go by FunLittles { previously Blog Me Mom}

We also collaborated on 3 ebooks! You will love those!

Where can you find us on Social Media

We are all over the place!

Before you click away here are some of our popular posts

P.S I’m still working on better categorizing so it will be easier to find our posts. Soon you will have a decent menu bar..

Enjoy and come back!