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Gifts for Babies : Great baby toys for under $10

Gifts for Babies : Great baby toys for under $10
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Gifts for Babies  : Great baby and toddler toys for under $10

If you are looking for gifts for babies, then this gift ideas for babies list will be a great starting point. Are you looking for some quality stocking stuffers? Again this list will come in very handy. 

Who said men are hard to shop for? Have you tried shopping for a baby? I’m suddenly faced with the responsibility of putting together a quality gift basket for a baby. I kid you not….you will get overwhelmed with the sea of options. Then there is nagging thought ” Will she out grow this fast?” ” Should I spent that much on something he will lose interest quickly”. It is true that babies don’t need a ton of toys. They are quite happy with your cups, spoons and your Tupperware cabinet. However they don’t mind a few colorful, well-made, not to mention budget-friendly toys. Right? { If homemade toys for babies is your thing, then check out the link} Here is another great homemade baby toys list from Learn With Play At Home.

Here is a list of  toys that will certainly be great gifts for babies and younger toddlers. All the 20 toys under $10 { at the time of publishing this post}

Sorting and Stacking

gifts for babies for stacking and sorting

Tolo Toys Rainbow Stackers :

Bright and colorful cups great for nesting and stacking. It will be fun for babies and toddler to try stacking them both ways. The edges have a wonderful texture for babies to touch and explore. Older babies and younger toddlers will start focussing on the shapes and colors of these gorgeous stackers.

Playgro Babushka Stacking Cups

These unique stacking cups are based on the popular Russian Babushka nesting dolls. The colorful cups are great visual stimulation and toddlers will enjoy manipulating these cups.

Melissa & Doug Stacking Cars

We own plenty of M&D products. The quality is top notch of course. These “First cars” stacking set is true to its name – best first cars for your baby. They stack beautifully and the babies will have a great time with them. Once they are older, your toddler will have a fantastic time playing pretend with them.

Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks

These soft blocks are super popular! For good reason. They are great for hand-eye co-ordination and they are oh-so-colorful. Babies 6 months and up will have a fun time, chewing, manipulating and even building with them. Oh let’s not forget the best part! Tumbling town the block tower.

Grasping and Pulling

gifts for toddlers and babies grasping

Kids Preferred The Very Hungry Caterpillar Wood Grasp and Twist Toy 

Who is not a big fan of Eric Carle? This toy will go very well with The Very Hungry Caterpillar bookI’m sure as caregivers you would have read the book at least once to your child. As an extension this beautifully made grasping caterpillar toy will be a fantastic addition. The antennae can be grasped and pulled and the entire body can be twisted in different directions. Great for those developing finer muscles. The book and this toy will make a great baby/toddler gift.

Haba Klick-Klack Rattling figure :

Yes! There is a beautifully made HABA toy for less than 10 dollars. Isn’t that amazing? This wooden clacker (rattle) will be a great addition to your collection if you are a HABA fan. They manufacture well-made wooden toys with non-toxic paint. This clacker is great for older babies who can manipulate the rattle. Babies 6 months above will find it exciting when they are hitting the “understanding cause and effect” milestone.

Haba Rosi Ringlet Clutching Toy :

Yes, another HABA beauty for under 10 bucks. This is a darling clutching toy for your young baby. It is made of soft material (cotton) and perfect as the first holding toy. Zero and up.

Melissa & Doug Friendly Fish Grasping Toy

Just like the caterpillar toy, this fish toy made by M&D will make a great gift. The babies and can pull on the elastic cord and twist and turn the colorful fish for some fun motor fun!

Musical Toys

gifts for babies and toddlers music toys

Skip Hop Explore and More Musical Phone, Owl

How adorable is this owl? This wonderful phone which plays ten wonderful melodies for auditory stimulation. The buttons will provide a constant souuce of entertainment for your baby.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

This take along tunes was our favorite when the kids were young. Baby Einstein videos might have a bad reputation now but their toys are well made. This one is very easy to carry for the parents and very easy to grasp for babies (6 mo.plus) The caterpillar handle has some colorful beads for extra playtime for baby. All the tunes are classical melodies from their videos.

Hohner Kids MT608 Musical Toys Percussion Effect – Assorted Colors

These well made percussion instrument ( similar to a tambourine) is a joy to hold, play and make music. The jingles are well protected and the handle is great for baby’s little hands to grasp. Babies 6 months and above

Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas Musical

Shake!Shake!Shake. Children any age love to listen to music. This wonderful set of maracas features a gorgeous soft bottom for little baby’s hands. The handles are well made and easy for little handles to grasp. Great for babies who are old enough to grasp, hold and shake!

Moving Toys

moving toys gifts for babies

Smart Frames Animal Runners-Zebra 

This is a well-made rolling toy for mobile babies and younger toddlers. At this price, this will make a fantastic batter-free toy gift.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper

I know! This toy probably is the most noisiest toy a house could have. But you know what? It probably is the funnest toy any child could toy. Most of the children have thoroughly enjoyed this toy. Toddlers especially would adore pushing this popper while the corns popped. They pretend to be vacuuming the floor and what not! There is even a baby version of the same toy. {Sassy Pop n’ Push Car}

Manhattan Toy Go Push Toy, Kitty

We have owned this toy when my children were babies. Thinking back we were surrounded by animal toys! This rolling toy is great for babies when an adult is around. They love watching their caregiver push the toy and love to crawl after the zooming kitty. There are many toys that encourage crawling in babies ( whether it is right or not is beyond the scope of this post) But if you are in the market for one, this one will do its job for under $8.

Sensory Toys

gifts for toddlers and babies to help with their sensory needs

Sassy Developmental Sensory Ball Set

To stimulate the sense of touch these sensory balls with gorgeous textures will come in handy. Babies will enjoy chewing and exploring first and will start to slowly explore the texture using their hands. Older babies and younger toddlers will love throwing the ball down and try to understand “cause and effect” part.

Toysmith Liquid Motion Bubbler

Well this one is not exactly a “toy”. But provides plenty of calming visual stimulation for babies and toddlers. Well for anyone really. When my children were young they enjoyed this Discovery Kids Animated Tropical Fish Marine Aquarium LampI mean it was fantastic for them to lay on their play mats and watch the fish just swirling by. The above motion bubblers is slightly similar. Please note that the child has to be supervised when this bubble toy is being used.

Shapes and Colors

shapes and colors baby toys

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks

Who doesn’t own this set? This first shape sorter set will make a great, well loved gift for any baby or toddler. It is under $10 but this toy will be well-loved. The kids will have a ball trying to learn to match the shapes with the appropriate openings on the lid. It is also a great travel toy since it can be packed away in a neat container with a handle.

Hide N Squeak Eggs

How fun is this toy! Shapes, colors, textures, hand-eye coordination and pure fun!

Activity Cubes

Bright Starts Clack and Slide Activity Ball

The above are simply recommendations! Please do your research before purchasing any of the toys. See if they will fit your family. Talk to us in the comments. What other “Under $10” toy will you add here?

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