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Sensory Activities : Sudsy Goop

Sensory Activities : Sudsy Goop
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Sensory activities using sudsy goop

You all know how to make oobleck/goop. Just in case you are not aware of this wonderful play compound, goop is a non-Newtonian fluid which acts like a solid when pressure is applied ( holding and playing) and acts as a liquid when left alone. Check out our Rainbow Goop post to see how we made play time more fun. For more sensory activities visit our category page.

That particular day my 2.5 year old toddler was demanding bubbles and oobleck. So that’s what we did. I added a few squirts of body wash and made sudsy water and added that to cornstarch.

[box title=”Steps to make Sudsy Goop” color=”#333333″]

  • Make soapy water with a few squirts of body wash or baby wash
  • Add sudsy water to cornstarch
  • Mix until you get a batter like consistency.
  • Add Food Color or Kool-aid for added color/scent


soap water goop

I added the soapy water and cornstarch and kept mixing them together until I got the right consistency. I even had my toddler do the mixing for  extra fun. Adding sudsy water to cornstarch gave us a different consistency than regular goop.

adding kool aid

We got a pancake like batter and that’s when I stopped mixing. I added yellow food color with the plan of making a lemon goop. To give it more zing I added a whole packet of pink lemonade Kool-Aid and it smelt delicious. Kool-Aid is a drink mix readily available on Amazon. (Refer to links to the materials used at the bottom of the post)

goop soap

Since my toddler wanted more goop, I added more cornstarch and soapy water and let her have a go at it.

playing with goop

Our sudsy goop looked beautiful and smelt wonderful!

soap water oobleck

She squished  the soapy goop.

sensory fun

She scratched and made marks.


and patted..

sensory patting

The best part was that the soapy goop in addition to being bubbly and squishy, behaved like regular goop.

good old oobleck

We stopped to pop the bubbles and were playing with it just like plain old goop.

Sensory activities are great for children to both calm down and explore and learn. Add lavender fragrance to calm down and may be lemon or orange to make play time exciting and fun.

TIP: Next time I’d add Lemon Kool -Aid and add a body wash with lemon essence. Generally match the Kool aid flavor with the matching body wash. To keep it tear free you can always add baby wash.


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blogmemom goop

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Hope you enjoyed reading how to make sudsy goop. But, that’s not all. Come back tomorrow and see our “life after goop” post.

Thanks for reading.

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colorful goop oobleck


sensory activities dry goop

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  1. I’ve never played with goop before and just want to know before making it with my toddler: how is the cleanup? Does it wash off, peel off, do I have to bathe her afterwards… etc. 🙂

    • its a hot mess to clean up with 3,4,5 graders. I’d for sure have the toddler in as little clothing as possible.

  2. Your goop recipes are awesome!!! Love the intense colours! I can’t believe we haven’t made goop here. Putting your goop on my MUST DO list for next fall!

    • Thanks Kelly Innes. My toddler was in sensory heaven with this one.. I can’t say enough about the scent- Kool Aid+ baby wash!


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