sensory activities with water beads
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Sensory Activities : Edible Water Beads

Please supervise the children if you decide to do this activity at home. Edible simply means that the material is not toxic like the aqua beads that are used as vase fillers. This activity is not suitable for babies or kids who still put objects in their mouths.

Water beads or aqua beads are such a fun sensory material. Sensory play activities with water beads as base are sure to be a big hit with the kids. They are smooth, squishy and lend themselves to many wonderful spin offs . Add shaving cream, play under a light table and many more. We did a pond sensory play activity for toddlers with those guys. But  the sad part is they are inedible to say the least – swallowing those little guys leads to severe complications. In order to have a much calmer time while playing with water beads I really wished for a look-alike that was safe even if ingested accidentally. { I would still supervise the kids)

Introducing “water-beads” look-alike BOBA pearls. Sensory activity with water beads look-alike that are safe to eat!  Now that will make it baby and toddler safe.

If you are new to boba pearls, check out this article for more information. They are tapioca balls and are used in a popular Taiwanese drink – bubble tea.

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