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Sensory Activities for Kids: Halloween Sensory Activities

Sensory Activities for Kids: Halloween Sensory Activities
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Halloween Sensory Activities for Kids

Sensory activities are our favorite kind of play. They are open ended and give the children free reign over the materials used. There are no set ways to play and I believe these kind of kids play activities are really a great way to stimulate those young, developing curious minds. With Halloween coming up in a month, we have rounded up 20 unique and fun sensory activities with a big dose of Halloween in them.

Halloween sensory activities: A Collection

 Glowing Edible Spider Webs from Fun at Home with Kids

edible spider web sensory activities Slimy Eyes from Hands on As we Grow

Witch’s Brew sensory tub from Plain Vanilla Mom

Simple Halloween Sensory Play from Housing A Forest


Halloween Spaghetti sensory Play from Hands on As we grow

Melting Witch Bag from Growing a Jeweled Rose

Halloween sensory activities bag

Slimy Halloween slimy sensory tub from What do we do all day

Boo Foam from Momm’s Fun World

Halloween Gak from Mess for Less

halloween sensory activities with gak

Wizard’s Brew from One Perfect Day

Halloween Jelly Messy Play from Nurture Store

halloween sensory activities for kids with jelly

Halloween Shaving Cream Messy Play from Blog Me Mom

Halloween Sensory Bin from Blog Me Mom

Ice Ghosts from The Golden Gleam

halloween sensory activities for kids using ice

 Spooky Sensory Bin from Happy Hooligans

Pumpkin Oobleck from Learn Play Imagine

sensory activities with pumpkin oobleck

Pumpkin Soup Sensory Play from The Golden Gleam

Halloween Play dough from One Perfect Day

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baby book

20 super fun halloween sensory play ideas for kids all ages



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