Winter Activities for Kids: Homemade Pretend Snow Play Ideas

pretend snow recipes
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Homemade Pretend Snow Play Ideas

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If you have been following the blog you know how much we love “fake snow” simply  because – well, we don’t have real snow around these parts. We have been coming up with play ideas using “pretend snow” Today’s post is a short roundup of common ingredients you can use to simulate snow and the children will love it. Even for those who have snow, these ideas will be a change from the usual routine.

The other option is the fantastic Insta-Snowthat you can purchase online. We love that stuff and our rainbow snow is made using that material

You will find 10 ingredients that make for a perfect pretend snow base. All of them are common household ingredients. Click on over and find out how these simple ingredients were used, take a peek at their gorgeous pictures and read up on play ideas, tips and tricks.

Pretend Snow Sparkly Winter Sensory Bin


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  1. What I love the most about all the pretend snow ideas is – we live in South Africa and rarely see snow, except on the mountains (where we don’t live). Now we can try out all kinds of “snow”. We’ll definitely work some of these in next week.
    Keep well
    Thank you


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