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Play recipes using cornstarch

Play recipes using cornstarch
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With the advent of Pinterest, homemade play recipes seem to be gaining some serious popularity with good reason of course.  With the abundance of play recipes at a click of a mouse, making slime, play dough, goop, gunk, gak or whatever the next sensory material is that easy. Moms, teachers and caretakers have been sharing some super cool sensory and art recipes with all of us. One ingredient which has become quite common is the good old cornstarch.

Note: Cornstarch in U.S is the same as cornflour in U.K

Here is our small collection of some fun play recipes with cornstarch as their primary ingredient.

Recipes for Art Activities


Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint from Train up a Child

Sidewalk Chalk Paint (1)

Edible Finger Paint  from Mummy Musings and Mayhem

edible finger paint

Homemade Face Paint from Blog Me Mom


Homemade Bath Tub Paint from Kids Activities Blog


Cornstarch Clay from Blog Me Mom

blogmemom colored easter homemade clay ornaments


Recipes for Sensory Activities


Oobleck/Goop from Mom to 2 Posh Ll Divas.

goop recipe

Here is a fun way to use that oobleck recipe from Blog Me Mom

Goop on pinecones

Erupting Goop from Growing a Jeweled Rose


Homemade modelling clay from Creative Play house

homemade modelling clay

 Ice Cream Dough from Play Create Explore

icecream dough

Cornstarch snow. So frugal and fun from Play Create Explore.


Growing a Jeweled Rose has a frosty fluff.

Moldable Play Sand from Creative Playhouse

homemade moon sand

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  1. I have been teaching a class in a homeschool group where I work. I call it Cooking Up Some Art. I have made about a dozen different recipes with the kids that I found on pinterest. It’s really fun! Looks like I’ve got a couple of new ones to try from this batch! Thanks so much for sharing!


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