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Science Experiments for kids : Lemon Suds Eruptions

Science Experiments for kids : Lemon Suds Eruptions
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Lemon Suds Eruptions: Science experiments for kids using household ingredients

One of the best ways to inculcate a love for science in kids is by doing hands on activities.

In this case we are doing a fun hands on science experiment that has so many aspects built into it that this turned into one of the most enriching and stimulating activities we have ever done. This one science experiment is a learning activity, sensory activity, fine motor activity all rolled into one. To top it all at the end of the science experiment you will have created a homemade all natural cleaning agent!

How cool is that? We have done a few science experiments in the past, our recent red cabbage experiment and a similar baking soda and vinegar activity . Today we share another recipe for the same fun colorful explosions by switching the acid.

We are again showing a vinegar free science experiment

The supplies you will need.

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  1. Wow this looks briiliant; I cant wait to try it. Can you tell me what is in baking soda as we get” baking powder”and “bicarbonate of soda” (which are used for different things) so im wondering which to use.


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