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Quick Play Idea with colorful oobleck

Quick Play Idea with colorful oobleck
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Sensory Activities for Kids:  Rainbow oobleck

Welcome to this week’s quick play idea. If you have made oobleck before then you know how much fun it is for the kids. If you haven’t then this post is for you and I’d like to say ” Cmon, your kids HAVE to mess around with this awesome substance atleast once” . Don’t be afraid, grab a drop cloth and head outdoors for some glorious messy goopy fun. We played with this vibrant oobleck when the weather started warming up and we could do activities outside.

To make goop or oobleck all you need is cornstarch. We have explored oobleck before and even played with pinecones and goop.

Oobleck Recipe

Slowly add water to cornstarch until you get to a squishy consistency. The substance should act as a solid when you try to hold it but act as a liquid and easily flow when you stop applying pressure. This is when you know you got the perfect play material and the oobleck recipe was a success!

I made oobleck in small clear cups and added food colors ( you could use paint)  to create 6 colors of the rainbow. We also added pink because you know it is PINK!

set up for messy play

I poured all the 7 colors into a clear plastic flat box a.k.a our sensory bin one by one. The colors looked so grand and vibrant and my preschooler gave out a bunch of “ooohs and aahhhs” It really is amazing to see the kids enjoy all the hands on activities we do together.

colorful goop

After that, it was simply time to dig into the oobleck and have some sensorial fun. How easy was that? Yeah cornstarch, water and color.

messy play ideas

After doing multiple art projects my 4 year old is very much aware of the consequences of over mixing the rainbow colors– muddy brown. It didn’t stop her.

colorful goop oobleck

We kept playing with the rainbow oobleck and ended up with a super muddy brown goop. Well, we threw in a couple of pigs and continued the play. The oobleck didn’t look quite as pretty as before but pigs in mud was so much FUN.

pig play with goop

Surprisingly my sensory loving toddler was on and off in this activity. But my 4 year old was completely engrossed with feeling the oobleck on her hands. She played  in there for a very long time. Pigs and cornstarch mud seemed like a fun way to enjoy the afternoon.

goop play

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You can see our sudsy goop play and life after goop play for additional oobleck recipes for play

fb sensory activities with goop

This is a GREAT sensory play activity even babies and toddlers can enjoy.

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small image

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