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Sensory Activities: Color Changing Goop Science

Sensory Activities: Color Changing Goop Science
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Sensory activities with color changing goop science

Sensory activities in general are of great interest to my toddler. She has had fun time with sudsy goop and my preschooler has had a colorful sensorial time with our rainbow oobleck. The kids have poured goop over pine cones and had merry time last winter.Today’s sensory activity involves a lot of science and play.

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I set up this sensory activity by filling up 5 containers filled with cornstarch. Each container also had a “special ingredient”. Hand soap, baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and washing detergent. I added a couple of tablespoons of the “special ingredient” in each container. That was my simple “invitation to experiment via messy play” set up along with a pitcher of red cabbage water. [ Visit our  red cabbage experiment post for more details] If you are working with older kids, there are many more substances you can use to aid exploration, learning and fun.

materials needed for sensory play

My preschooler having done our earlier red cabbage experiment earlier, remembered what to expect. With a cup of red cabbage water, she was ready to experiment, explore and enjoy this fun sensory activity. 

adding cabbage water for play

Viola! dramatic change and she was excited!

adding lemon juice

She started a great game of guessing the color. Every time she poured the red cabbage water in a container the cornstarch turned into a different color. Eventually she started guessing the color before pouring the water. My toddler was amazed that the white cornstarch turned into a different color without any food color or paint.

make green goop

Once the color change happened, both the kids poured more cabbage water and turned it into good old goop. Sensory activities are a great way to build language, imagination, curiosity and simply the love for learning. In this sensory activity we are exploring the science behind the magic of red cabbage water.

make yellow goop

Each of the ingredient gave the goop a different color. It was like MAGIC! It was great to see my preschooler asking questions and reinforcing her previous knowledge about the substances that change color when they come in contact with red cabbage water. Please read the red cabbage experiment post for the how-to. Once the goop was created it was sensory play galore.

sensory play with oobleck

The concoction with washing detergent reminded us of our sudsy goop!

make soapy goop

Tip: The most intense color change will happen with the bowl with lemon juice or citric acid in it.

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    • I wouldn’t do this activity with babies since it involves quite a few components not suitable for their little tummies. Vinegar, baking soda, washing powder…


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