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Sensory Activities : Green Goo and Dinosaur World with Insta Snow

Sensory Activities : Green Goo and Dinosaur World with Insta Snow
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Sensory Activities for Kids : Green Goo and Dinosaur World

This post is a great example of child-led sensory activities turning into something more exciting that initially planned. We started off doing fake snow”painting with our super awesome product. We have used this to have engage in many more sensory activities for kids – winter sensory bin and rainbow pretend snow sensory play. Other sensory activities where we used other ingredients to make snow: “sparkly winter sensory bin” ,” writing in fake snow”, “I-Spy sensory bin”…

Take a look at that post and see how the activity developed. What we were left with was a bluish-green sludge.After the kids turned the fake snow into a moss green color, they added more water. Way too much water than the recommended 2 oz/scoop of Insta Snow. At the end, we created a green gooey moss like substance which was sticky enough for the kids to have a fantastic time with some amazing sensory exploration thrown in.

By adding too much water, the kids created a green puddle in the tray

sensory activities

The painting activity turned into a sensory activity since we are big fans of sensory activities.The Insta Snow couldn’t absorb all the water added and it turned very gooey and the girls were able to made it into a ball. It is not exactly moldable that you can create shapes with it but it is easy enough to make a ball and that was interesting. 

sensory activities for kids

It was great for Big A to see that the outcome to 2 different scenarios.

1. Add enough water, we get snow ( the substance turns powdery)

2. Break the rules! and add too much water you get goo.

Here we have our own DIY moss for all kinds of pretend play and small world set up. Messy play lover, my younger one had a grand time squashing with spoons, with her hands and generally exploring the texture of the new material. The material they had fun painting with turned totally different with excess water.

 sensory play idea

That’s our “DIY” moss which could serve as a base for numerous small world set ups.

 snow activities

Almost naturally, Big A ran off to get her dinosaurs to create a scene.. Oh!” “creating scenes” is all the rage in our household now.

dinosaur activities

Then the girls were lost in their “ Land before time” imaginary play.

dinosaur activities for kids

Creating dinosaur families

dinosaur small world play

Talking, bonding and of course squabbling over which way is the best way to set up the dinosaur scene.

pretend play ideas with dinosaurs

Caution: Make sure you cover the floor with a mat/tarp because this stuff is slippery if you are doing in on a floor.

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