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Sensory Activities for Kids : 1 ingredient edible slime recipe

Sensory Activities for Kids : 1 ingredient edible slime recipe
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Sensory Activities for Kids : 1 ingredient edible slime recipe

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Sensory activities are one of our favorite kids activities. Today I share an idea for making non-toxic, borax-free, 1 ingredient edible slime that is ready in 5 minutes. {Click here to access all our sensory activities for kids we have done till day}

Are you intrigued? I was too when I first saw simple slime idea here. I also came across Coffee Cups and Crayons’s post on Borax-Free slime with similar ingredients. When I followed the same recipe, one of my children loved it and the other had a lukewarm response to it.. So I changed the measurements a little and redid it. Wow, suddenly this flubbery slime became irresistible. They couldn’t stop playing with it.

Materials [Please note that if you want a rainbow slime, buy a store brand clear supplement with Psyllium. If you just want regular orange slime, Metamucil will work great. Clear Metamucil does not seem to work.]

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  1. This is awesome! I bought a whole huge thing of Metamucil a while ago when a doc suggested it for my daughter. She only needed it for less than a week and now I have so much left! Now I will use it all up…for play…

  2. Just did this at work with my 15 two year olds and it was a huge hit! Absolutely loved it! So easy to make and they enjoyed it for hours! Now on my lunch break making up big batches for the whole centre cos everyone wants a turn! Thanks so much!

  3. Okay so I just put clear Metamucil in and some water and some Kool-Aid and boiled on high for five minutes what’s my next step please help

  4. Thanks so much for this. It came out amazingly well. I am in the UK and I used 100% psyllium husk from theproteinworks.com. I have been looking for a borax free recipe for ages. We will definitely be making this on a regular basis.

  5. I plan on making this for my sons kindergarten halloween party on the 24th. I read a comment that said after a few days it needs to be thrown out. when would be the earliest i should make it so the kids can have fun playing with it? and what does it look like when it starts going bad?

    • Hi Patricia,

      If your class has a microwave I suggest you make the slime there. It takes about 5 minutes to make a batch. If you are making it earlier, I would make it the day of the party ( probably early morning before you carry it to his class) Throw in some googly eyes for good measure. Hope the class has fun with this slime.

  6. I just found this site and it looks great. I’m in the UK and are not familiar with Metamucil or Psyllium. Are they known by any other names, because I would like to give this a try with nursery children – 3-5 year olds.. Thanks.

  7. I think for my first batch it was a success! I had some leftover fiber capsules from my post-partum phase. They are Target brand psyllium husk – beige powder color. I figured I’d give it a try with this stuff since it compared the active ingredient to Metamucil. Took a few minutes to break open the capsules and get the 1 tbsp of powder needed. I followed the instructions above. After about 3 minutes I took a peak at the bowl in the micro and sure enough it had grown and got all puffy and shiny. It still looked a little too loose so I put it in the micro again for about another 1.5 minutes. Forgot to mention I added blue and red food color drops to make it purple. I poured the goo into another bowl to cool. Seems pretty close to what yours looks like. It sticks just slightly to my fingers so I think I may have needed a tad less water or maybe one or two more capsules of psyllium. But I’m quite happy with the results and how easy it was.

    Working with my daughter on her sensory needs based in her being enrolled in early intervention. Around 15 months old she started pulling her hair, to the point of almost being bald. We’ve been told it happens with some toddlers and they usually grow out of it. The EI people have been really helpful with the issue and have said sensory is a really great outlet for her. I had no idea how important sensory activities are for toddlers. We are trying to work this sort of thing into our daily routine.


  8. hi. on a note unrelated to the wonderful project, you shouldn’t post peoples IP address publicly like you did in your notes, because it leaves them open to unscrupulous people (123.456.78.90 type of thing)

  9. we dont use food coloring anymore and i wonder if you could use natural food products like beets or spinach or something to color this?

  10. I just made this as a sensory activity for my toddler daycare group and it was a HUGE hit! Thanks for the recipe, we love it! 🙂 One note: I used the berry flavour Metamucil; the colour and smell were amazing, but the colour does stain the hands. That doesn’t bother me (or the kids!) at all, just an FYI for those who might not be aware.

  11. I made this with my grandkids and it keps turnig our sticky so it sticks to their hands and fingers, having fun with it but a sticky mess … any ideas followed directions

    • Hi

      Thanks for reading. What brand of fiber supplement did you use ? Metamucil is a safe bet. The supplement needs psyllium in it. Psyllium husks work well too.

    • Yes they do. If you scroll through the comments you will see a few comments mentioning the same. The post has been updated as well.

  12. Really disappointed. I ordered the Metamucil you have a link for in this post thinking that it would have the Psyllium that is required to make this work, but I got it and just tried to make the slime and it didn’t work. I checked the ingredients and it doesn’t contain any Psyllium. Glad I spent $10 on that. I would change your link to a fiber supplement that actually works.

  13. Thank you so much for this great receipe! I live im Germany and i was hoping for a Borax free slime for playing for quite a while! You cannot buy Borax here – for a good reason since it is toxic… My son was so happy with the psyllium slime!! So was I 🙂 I grounded “Flohsamenschalen” as they are called here and it worked perfectly. Thanks from far away!!

  14. I know the main thing is the psyllium so do you think psyllium husks would work…..? I bought t today without re-reading your post and knew it had to have the psyllium in it but have I gone a bridge to far by buying husks.? Thanks x

  15. This looks like some much. I’ve made borax and glue slimes/goo before but I love the idea of using something edible and safe! Thanks! and the rainbow slime photos are awesome!

  16. I love this idea so much, but couldn’t get it to work. I used the clear Metamucil, a glass bowl, the microwave (multiple sessions), and even the stove one time. Any ideas? I’m so bummed–but don’t want to give up yet. Thanks so much!

    • Update (because I’m so happy): I bought some of the regular Metamucil, and it worked great! My son had a ball. Thanks so much! (The clear variety I had also had the Inulin, and it was expiring next month — don’t know if that had any effect.)

  17. Hi – can I check the Metamucil you mention has the ingredient ‘Inulin’? I’m in the UK and the only one I can find (listed on Amazon) has Inulin listed as its only ingredient, no mention of Psyllium. Or am I looking at the wrong kind of Metamucil? I’d really like to have a go at this but that supplement isn’t cheap and I don’t want to get the wrong thing! Thanks for the great post.

    • I used the Walmart generic version- it was labeled as unflavored rather than clear, but the active ingredient was psyllium. Worked like a charm on the stovetop!

  18. Just made this on the stove top. It worked out great!! Very excited because we do not use a microwave. I also made it organic/green. Thank you so much!! So easy to make and my daughter is having great fun playing with it right now! 🙂

    • Just made this on the stovetop as well and it turned out great! Boiled on high for 5 minutes, and used kool-aid to scent and color it. Love this recipe!!!!

  19. I tried it with some leftover miralax, and it doesn’t work? Any suggestions? I used less water and even cooked it longer, still looks just like water.

    • Hi Tanya, as mentioned in the post it is the Psyillium husk in the fiber supplement that is necessary to form the slime-like substance. I believe Miralax has a different chemical composition.

  20. This is a great idea. It would be safe it it was accidentally ingested, but wouldn’t let them just eat it when they are done playing because like most things to much fiber is also a bad thing.

  21. Thanks for this idea. I saw some other blog posts for slime and knew that my 15-month old would have a good time playing with it. However, I didn’t want to use anything with glue because she still tastes all of our projects. This is a perfect substitute!

    • I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. But yes you can add a bit of Kool-Aid instead of food color for color and scent. This is NOT for consumption.

        • The ingredients are not toxic and accidental ( operative word being accidental) ingestion of the slime need not cause the caregiver any extreme panic or worry. Hence the word “edible” It’s always a good idea to supervise sensory play.

  22. Borax is TOXIC! So many people do not know this (myself once included). It says all natural, but just because something is “natural” does not mean it is “safe”. My son ate some silly slime we made (he was 3) using a little bit of borax. He ate some it! He threw up for 3 days straight! THREE DAYS of torture knowing something I made for a fun evening made him so ill. He couldn’t hold food or water down and they almost had to keep him in the hospital and put him on IV’s. Borax in small amounts are lethal to children and especially small pets. Even in the tiniest doses. So THANK YOU for this!!!! THANK YOU! I wish more people knew the dangers of Borax so they do not have to go thru what I did. A parents worst nightmare!

    • Hi Holly, thanks for reading. Since this contains lot of water, it will eventually go bad. But you can keep it in an airtight container for 2-3 days atleast. We have made it 3 times and every time the slime was “really” play with. The kids just made tiny bits out of it hahahaha and I has to toss it. Since it is so easy to make with just a tablespoon of Metamucil, I just didn’t bother to store it. Hope you kids love this slime 🙂

  23. This is awesome! I bought a whole huge thing of Metamucil a while ago when a doc suggested it for my daughter. She only needed it for less than a week and now I have so much left! Now I will use it all up…for play!


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