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Goop on pinecones

Goop on pinecones
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Goop on pine cones

We are doing our oobleck fountain once again only this time we have more colors and more pinecones! If you are new to goop (also known as oobleck) it is simply corn starch and water.

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]

  • Oobleck/Goop
  • Pine Cones
  • Food Colors
  • Baking Pan and cups


First I made the goop. [highlight bg=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″]Mix water to cornstarch until you reach a honey-like consistency.[/highlight]Make a white batch large enough to make 10 small cups (pictured). You say “10!? Believe me, they go by fast since the kids will squeal in delight to see the oobleck flow down the pine cone and would want more –FAST! and colorful.

I set up my baking pan with a few pine cones that has a good flat base.

 pine cones

Pour the oobleck into small cups with food color next to them.

 oobleck on pinecones

Now: I usually love and recommend that you involve your kids as much as possible( and tolerate) in the prepping process. The kids can help making the goop since it has only 2 ingredients and they can even help pour the goop into the smaller cups.

In our home  when the kids came over they immediately wanted to add food colors to the white goop.

Here we are mixing the colors to the cup and pouring in down the cones.. Usually my kids are very “hands into” stuff but today they wanted to pour the goop from their cups – new experiences. Pouring the goop using their hands would add to the fun element.

Goop on pinecones


make oobleck




Goop On Pinecones

Requests for more goop and more colors came by really fast!

The goop of course won’t stay on the cones but the color river it formed at the base was a feast to the eyes.

oobleck river


colored oobleck river


With my toddler, there were numerous prompts for “slow pouring” as opposed to dumping. We worked on controlled pouring and of course colors.Those were great exercises for my younger one.

With time, shaving cream mixed with yellow came into picture . Older one wanted some snow on the pine cone “mountains” not trees but mountains.

shaving cream on pinecones

Shaving cream, goop and food color – This one was ultra fun. Thanks to Buzzin for her original post.

Once we removed the pine cones, what was left was this beautiful marbleized oobleck starting to dry. Left overnight, the goop was dry enough to be made into tiny blocks. They were so brittle and they did break as soon as you handle them.

dried goop


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