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Sensory Activities using water beads : Pond sensory bin

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Sensory activities which also function as small world play are great kids activities and fantastic boredom busters. This pond sensory bin which can also double up as a frog sensory bin is a great way to introduce your kids to frog life cycle. We have created a Savannah scene, a box rainforest,  , paper plate ocean, a desert and more to come. I love it even more because they work perfectly when I need an activity which will work for 2 different age groups. Toddlers love sensory activities and preschoolers whose imagination are taking off in full speed will adore creating their play scenes.

Please engage in the following kids activity ONLY if the children no longer put foreign objects in their mouths AND an adult is around to supervise. Water beads cannot be consumed!

Here is another alternative – our edible “water” beads.

Suggested Materials