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Winter activities for kids : Fantasy winter world

Winter activities for kids : Fantasy winter world
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Snow activities for kids : Fantasy Winter World

This is going to be an easy post since this was all child-led and all the children did was set up their scene every carefully and started enacting.

It has been a while since we wrote about a small world play idea. The kids as usual have been creating their own imaginary play scenes with all kinds of character in sight. However this winter activity is extra special since it came out of no where. The children found our fake snow sensory tub sitting out, they gathered their favorite toys and started playing.

snow activitiesforkids

As you can see this happened pre-Christmas. We still had our jingle bells out, our Christmas morning hats, snowy trees all being cozy in our sparkly winter sensory bin. The sensory bin also had one of those sparkly snowy trees I found at Wal-Mart in the ornaments section.

kid made snow world

Apparently that tree took the center stage during the play session.  They found a few jingle bells strands and mini ball ornaments and hthey found this great way to exercise their fine motor skills while brushing their vocabulary through imaginary play. How? by decorating the frosted tree with mini ornaments.

winter world small world

Our main protagonists were the little ponies with the ever so brave Rainbow Dash. The children added pom poms, sparkly gems, tons of figurines, blue gems, beads etc. These materials are made available when requested by the children. We are still not at a point where I can create self-serve station with really tiny objects like beads and pom poms being accessible all -day long ( it will eventually be a disaster zone) Pretty soon they will learn to respect the materials even when mommy is not around. So that day all the craft materials they requested were provided and they went to do more small world play.


The fake snow was fabulous. They adored running their fingers through it and generally playing with it. Multiple snow fall scenes, princesses making snow angels scenes were made!

playing with snow activitie

The entire snow world with giant unicorns and miniature trees.

snow 10

Winter small world

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