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Sensory Activities : Pond life sensory play

Sensory Activities using water beads : Pond sensory bin This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to shop through these links I will receive a small commission.  Sensory activities which also function...
rainforest small world in a box

Small World Play: Rainforest in a box

Create a fun rain forest in a box for a pretend play session and a fantastic learning opportunity. We still have the big box! In fact we made this rain forest even...
snakes craft

Recycled Crafts for Kids : Snake Craft

Recycled Crafts: Easy Snake craft How about cute snake crafts for kids? Have you seen those fruit trays/liners at grocery stores? The ones that house apples, pears etc? When you flip these...
desert small world play

Sensory Activities: Desert Sensory Bin

Sensory activities using a simple desert sensory bin Engaging in sensory activities has always been my kids’ favorite and I’m sure they are your kids’ favorite too. What’s not to like? Manipulating...

13 easy animal activities

Here is our round up of all the animal activities we did for World Animal Day.  1. Create with propeller seeds  We used propeller seed to create butterflies, dragon flies and few other...

Propeller seeds bugs

Nature has a ton of unique and fun craft materials to offer and with just a little imagination we can do wonders. One such activity is our propeller Bugs . Have...