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Sensory Activities : Pond life sensory play

Sensory Activities using water beads : Pond sensory bin This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to shop through these links I will receive a small commission.  Sensory activities which also function...
How to make colored pasta for play and learning

How to dye pasta for art projects

How to dye pasta for art projects Use regular food coloring to dye pasta and use them for kids art projects, kids crafts and for learning activities This post contains affiliate links. If...
sensory activities for kids smooth goop

Sensory Activities for Kids : Silky Soft Goop Recipe

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snow activities for kids with rainbow snow

Sensory Activities for Kids : rainbow sensory with rainbow snow

Sensory Activities for Kids: Winter Activities with homemade rainbow "snow" Sensory activities for kids are truly a great way to learn, play and create. Here we show how our children engaged in...

Fun Christmas Lights Activities for Kids

A collection of kids and family activities with Christmas Lights theme. You will find a big list of fun art projects, crafts, science, simple fun and even printables and patterns. Christmas Lights Art...

Halloween Activities For Kids : Make a Ghost Patch

Halloween Sensory Activities : Make a Ghost Patch Move over pumpkin patch small world! Kids over here are knee deep in building a fabulous ghost patch. This Halloween sensory activity comes straight...