lined up chalk blocks with chalk markers
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Art projects for kids : chalk blocks with liquid chalk markers

Using bright, vibrant liquid chalk markers on freshly painted chalkboard paint is a wonderful arty sensory experience.  We did this a few years ago on milk cartons that were painted with chalkboard paint. The kids turned them into glowing haunted houses with chalk markers. Today we are sharing this fun art project for kids using liquid chalk and regular chalk that was fun and relaxing. We all need a big dose of positivity during these times.

Materials ( affiliate links to the supplies on Amazon)

On to the art project..

We used plain wooden blocks that we purchased a while ago from a wooden toys manufacturer online. It was basically a giant box of wooden loose parts that had peg dolls, cubes, spools, discs, buttons, wooden eggs and so much more. This was maybe 4-5 years ago and now I see many toy manufacturers put together a kit with wooden loose parts like these

From our loose parts box we picked a few unfinished blocks that were sort of same size. Most of the blocks were pretty smooth and were easy to paint.  Got out the chalkboard paint and gave them all a good couple of coats of paint. we painted a few sides, let them dry. Now we held the blocks with the dry side and  finished the rest of the sides.

supplies needed for chalk blocks

Once the wooden blocks are painted all black with the chalkboard paint, they are ready to be colored. Our first choice of art supply were our favorite chalk markers that are gorgeously vibrant and perfect for the jet black background of the wooden blocks.

This stage of this art project is so versatile. Depending on the age and temperament of the children this kids activity can go in so many different directions. I can see pattern making and pattern matching activity. For preschoolers lot of playful number matching or alphabet recognition activity can be made with these blocks ( More alphabet activities here)

For us this was clearly an art project that used a lot of chalk markers!! haha.