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How to dye pasta for art projects

How to dye pasta for art projects
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How to dye pasta for art projects

Use regular food coloring to dye pasta and use them for kids art projects, kids crafts and for learning activities

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Dying pasta is one of the easiest art/ play recipe you can create instantly. Once you are done those tiny little gorgeous colorful pieces are ready for any art project, craft or even learning activity for the little ones.

Materials { affiliate links below for your reference}

How to dye pasta using food coloring

Gather all your boring, uncolored dry pasta and get ready to transform them into something fun. I used all  kinds { bow-tie, wagon wheel, penne, rotini}

Grab 7 little zippered baggies.

Divide your dry pasta into the zippered bags.

Add 2 squirts of our favorite AmeriColor Gel Food Color

1 capful of rubbing alcholol

and start shaking!! Make sure the bags are tightly sealed.

dye pasta in bags

Once the colors are evenly mixed, spread on a paper towel lined cookie sheet . {some of my green was not evenly mixed. So make sure you get all the color evenly spread out over the pasta.}

colorful glitter pasta

If you want glitter pasta, add 2 pinches of glitter inside the bags along with the food color and rubbing alchohol.

dried rotini pasta-

The pasta doesn’t take that long to dry.

rainbow pasta

Once dry, set up a colorful “invitation to play”. Lay out the colored pasta on a crisp white paper plate and invite the kids to create.

best tutorial - how to dye pasta

If you are worried that your kids would probably first dump the contents, place the pasta inside a flat under bed storage bin
like this one we use. The kids can first explore the pasta first. May be a sensory activity can come before a kids art project or a craft.

colored pasta

Well as you can see, coloring pasta is very simple and once colored, they can be used in a variety of ways.

After coloring the pasta, we used a baker’s twine to thread the pasta. Good time to practice counting, skip counting or patterning with your kids.

make rainbow necklaces

make rainbow necklaces

Some pasta crafts and activities we have done

Great kids activities using pasta 

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How to color pasta for play and learning

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