Table Top Art Gallery with Mini Easels

v=table top art gallery with DIY mini easels
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Table Top Art Gallery with Mini Easels

Will it not be super fun to turn your kitchen table into an instant art gallery? Remember our art studio in a big box?  What a big boost for your kids’ creativity will it be? That’s what we ended up doing with all the cute craft sticks Craftprojectsideas sent us.

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My kids always enjoy creating artwork on tiny pieces of paper. I don’t know why but I always catch them drawing up a storm on tiny notepads, post its etc. Creating a great working space for them draw, paint, write is very essential for them to unleash their creativity and be who they are. We don’t have any fancy art space but a great and functional writing/ creative art station
which is stocked with colored pencils, crayons, watercolors, oil pastes etc along with crisp white paper of various sizes. Before I get into the details, let us just bounce back to the project on hand. Creating a table top art gallery.

How to build a mini-easel with craft sticks

Grab your glue gun and your packet of craft sticks. The following images hopefully will guide you through the process of building your mini easel. I found it easier to complete one step for several easels before moving on as opposed to finishing an entire easel before moving on. First do step 1 of hot gluing 2 sticks across. Do this step for 5 easels. Then work on step 2 of gluing the 3rd craft stick completing the letter “A”. Do this for the 5 easels. Then finally finish the easel by hot gluing the 4 stick which holds up the easel.

=making the mini easels for art projects display

How to set up the invitation to create

  • Cover your table with butcher paper
  • Set out the mini easels after they have dried throughly
  • Set out small notepads or post its. I would even use mini cardstock paper
  • Set out their favorite art supplies { crayons, markers, watercolors, colored pencils, rulers, pencils, erasers}

craft sticks easels for kids art

At this point the children steer the art project and start creating.

kids art projects with post it papers

Mine tried a vaeriety of the supplies. They mostly covered up the entire paper while going for more concrete images and abstract ones.

reating art on post it papers

My older kid especially loves colored pencils and here are some of her creations.

craft sticks easels kids art

My younger one adores paint, markers and watercolors. If setting out watercolors be sure to include a few cut watercolor pads so the paper doesn’t curl. { Watercolor Art Projects here}

making mini art

We even used jumbo craft sticks to create more easels. We actually ran out of craft sticks!

mini easels art gallery
The older one loved using her ruler to create blocks of designs and patterns. Looks like BLOKUS?
create an art gallery on your kitchen table

More art gallery goodness

kid art on mini easels

There is always an art piece of our lovable family dog!

homemade kids art gallery mini easels art for kids

Finally the kids decided that they would want their art gallery t be on a big cardboard box we had on hand. They were reminded of our art studio in a box. They recreated it by arranging all the mini easels on top of the box and taping some more of their art inside the box. The gallery was complete with a “welcome sign”

table top kids art

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Create an art gallery on your kitchen table with mini easels



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