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Halloween Art Projects : Puffy Halloween Art

Halloween Art Projects : Puffy Halloween Art
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Halloween Art Projects : Puffy Halloween creatures

The kids enjoyed this fun Halloween art project with some homemade puffy paint! The recipe and the entire process is endlessly fun for kids- I mean “squeal-worthy” fun. The kids get really excited every single time we pop the art in the microwave. If you are new to homemade puffy paint, you can get the recipe from our previous puffy paint post.

Art activities for kids are somewhat of a common occurrence around these parts and since it is October we want to do more Halloween art projects – our previous one being our easy spider web art for kids.

I made puffy paint in Halloween colors. The colors part is completely up to you. If the child wants a purple cat, sure why not?
materials for puffy paint

I printed out a few Halloween creatures and the kids got to work. They are so used to the homemade puffy paint art projects.

process for halloween art

My preschooler taking care to squeeze out the paint inside her “Halloween Cat” This Halloween art project really helps the child with her/his fine motor skills.  Older kids tend to fill up their figures nice and carefully and would try to do a neater job.  My older child  is very meticulous and thorough when it comes to art projects. My almost 3 year old is all about exploring and getting as much material as she can get on paper and on her self. You can see the difference in their ages very clearly through their squeezing mechanisms. For that reason it is better to have a younger child do a larger figure with fewer details.

puffy paint process

While painting our pumpkin the cap fell off from the squeeze bottles and all the puffy paint poured out and made a tiny orange puddle! We puffed it up in the microwave like that and got an eerie looking pumpkin.

jack o lantern with puffy paint

Spooky puffy bat always makes an appearance in our Halloween art projects.

puffy paint bat

Ghostie made by my 3 year old.

ghost puffy paint

And the famous “spooky cat” by the older one. Check out the cat’s fangs!

halloween cat

The process:

  • Make puffy paint following this recipe
  • Create a fun Halloween art project
  • Use a thick paper or cardboard to create your art
  • Pop the cardboard in the microwave for 10 seconds
  • Watch the paint puff up and come alive
  • Close your ears since the squeals will deafen you!

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