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Recycled Crafts: Art Studio in a Box

Recycled Crafts: Art Studio in a Box
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We love up cycle and recycled crafts. This basically turns your trash to treasure! Using old items in a new and interesting way is a great way to engage in a fun, frugal and green living. So when a new dishwasher came in even before I could check for scuff marks, the kids bolted out with the huge box. They had some serious gross motor fun ( read swan dives, rolling, crawling). At the end of the day the excitement of the new box has worn down and they were playing stores, restaurants and what not with it. I also found them painting inside the box. So I suggested an art studio and my 4 year was excited about the prospects of another dedicated art area in the house.

This idea of recycled crafts  was so simple.

I just gathered up all their wonderful art work. I used regular clear tape and arranged them all up all around the insides of the box. We usually have all their creations up on the walls just to encourage them to get creative. Having their work , not just art up on the walls for display does great things for the child’s self-esteem and confidence.

Recycled Crafts Art Studio in a box

If you feel the box is too closed off, simply cut out a small window on any of the sides

kids drawing in a box

I also set out some of their supplies : markers, pencils, crayons and paint inside the box on a raised platform.

With some crisp white sheets of paper in a recycled and decorated cereal box the kids are ready to create in their brand new studio.

But wait the art studio is also mobile. To enjoy a bright and sunny day carry the studio to your backyard. I spread out some beach towels and set up the box on the top. It was fun to watch them enjoy inside the box

recyled craft box

Please set this up when it is not too hot, possibly late evening for the best experience.

I’m sure almost all the kids would love the recycled box much more than the stuff inside the box. There are so many fun ways to play with a large box. Our favorite is Art Studio in a Box. What is your favorite? Feel free to leave a big box play post on our Facebook wall here.

My Art Studio Craft with a box

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All the art work you see inside the box have been shared previously here.

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  1. Love this so much!!! My twin sis and I were always making things out of boxes but never an art studio….how perfect!!! Thanks for sharing, as soon as my daughter is ready we will be making one for sure:)

  2. This is a lovely idea. So much fun and all the mess outside. I love all the painting stuck to the side. I can see my younger children loving this. Popping over from the play party and would love you to join me on my Country Kids linky too. All about outdoor fun for children.

  3. I have a classroom with limited wall & floor space and this seems like an excellent way to create mobile centers and classwork displays! Thanks for the idea!


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