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Valentine Art : Hand print hearts garden

Valentine Art : Hand print hearts garden
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Valentine Art : Hand print hearts garden

Make this adorable Valentine art with just paint and stickers

This is a simple Valentine art activity we did *last year*. Yes, last year! I remember the children being borderline obsessed with those foam stickers,(they still are) LAST year was insane – every time a new season rolled around we had to buy a new set. Well, I did buy them a bunch because the kids did cool things with it. The kids created numerous cards, designs and art. { all our art activities here} This activity is one such we did as a family and I can’t believe it has been one whole year!

The idea is so simple.

First I set up a long paper covered table as the canvas and supplied the kids with paint, markers and stickers and invited them to create a hearts garden scene with those heart stickers. The kids chose to do both the hand tracing and the hand prints.

drawing hands

On the long table ( notice that the kids had gone crazy with the tape! ha!) I set out the green paint and they printed their tiny hands with green paint to their hearts’ content..

handprint art (2)

Then it was time to create a beautiful hearts garden with stickers. They sorted the stickers and peeled the backs {read fine motor workout} to create a lovely garden of hearts. The Valentine art was coming along nicely and the children were having lots of fun with their favorite material – stickers.

hearts art

Doesn’t that butterfly and the cute face on the heart look darling?

valentines handprint art project

More baby hand print flowers!

flower gardens

butterfly valentine art

Our completed Valentine art with hearts stickers.

handprint art

Thanks for reading and feel free to pin this image

Handprint hearts garden

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On to our Valentine’s spirit

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fb hearts

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