Home Art Projects Fall Art Activities: Pumpkin Fizzy Art for Kids

Fall Art Activities: Pumpkin Fizzy Art for Kids

Fall Art Activities: Pumpkin Fizzy Art for Kids
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Fall Art Activities: Pumpkin Fizzy Art for Kids

You can’t help by smile looking at these pumpkin fizzy art. How about a bright and vibrant dose of orange to brighten up our homes to fight the loss of sunshine during this fall season?

Our fizzing apple art project was super popular in our home { and on Pinterest }  and that encouraged us to start working on this gorgeous pumpkin art for our mantle. Science and art goes hand in hand in this fabulous fall art activity that the kids are learning and observing while creating this gorgeous pumpkin art.

Materials {affiliate links}

Use card stock paper to cut out pumpkins.


Instructions for creating happy Pumpkin Fizzy Art

Like our fizzing apple art we would start with painting the pumpkin cutouts with baking soda paint first {2 TBSP baking soda +2 TBSP water} Then prepare colored citric acid solution { food colors + citric acid +water} and dip your paint brushes and gently place them on the baking soda solution. I recommend reading the fizzing apple art post to get the detailed instructions.


The vibrantly colored fizzes on the pumpkin creates a wonderful effect.
{ All our baking soda experiments here}


My child tried out multiple processes like here she tried splatter and drip method. She would dunk her brush in the citric acid solution and splatter it on the baking soda painted pumpkin.


Here we tried making a Jack O’ Lantern with orange citric acid solution.


The kids tried using orange, yellow and a little touch of red citric acid solution to create their happy pumpkins. Once they tried we tried adding googly eyes to add some personality.


How cute is this pumpkin fizzy art guy!


My 7 year old added 3 different googly eyes and created a bear! Once the pumpkins dried you can add back the black lines to finish off the pumpkins.

bear pumpkin

A good dose of science and art for this fall season.


You can also let the pumpkins dry and string them along and make a garland.


After drying if the baking soda residue lingers, it can easily be scraped off and gently brushed with little water to bring the bright color back.


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