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Mother’s day cards kids can make using stamps

Mother’s day cards kids can make using stamps
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Mother’s day cards kids can make using stamps

Another homemade card mother’s day craft here. We have shared our process art turned into mother’s day card with a mother and child silhouette and our up cycled CD and plastic eggs “out of this world” homemade gift for mom. This one is really simple and is more arty than craft. A big plus for this craft is that this is great for toddlers and preschoolers.


We used our fingerprint stamps we had at home but paint will also work. Details below.


The process is self explanatory folks. Grab the stamps and instead of using your fingers, take the entire stamp and start making prints. This kids project is extra special for me since my daughters came up with it together. {When did they grow up!?}

kid stamping a homemade card

Your little toddler or preschooler (or anyone really since its really fun to make the prints) can start making stamps resembling a leaning tower of blocks. It really doesn’t have to blocks but ours ended up like that and it really fit the theme. We did not have more than three colors but I suppose a few more colors would have made the mother’s day card even more colorful.

mothers card

Such a simple way to show your love for mom.

One of the easiest art projects we have shared.

A good way to adapt this homemade card activity for a baby

How sweet would the card be if your cute baby had a go at it!

With some  effort older babies ( ones that can sit up and hold on to things) can also participate. Since the stamps are too small for baby hands to grab comfortably, I would probably use a bunch of squishy blocks from your child’s toy bin ( washed and dried of course). Dip them in some  paint and PRINT! If you are looking for some taste safe paint recipes try our no flour finger paint recipe (maybe little hard to dip the blocks but you can adapt the consistency of the paint based on the need)or try our taste safe apple paints

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mothers day cards kids can make with stamping kid made mothers day card with stamping

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