Home Crafts Homemade Mother’s Day Cards : Pencil shavings flowers

Homemade Mother’s Day Cards : Pencil shavings flowers

Homemade Mother’s Day Cards : Pencil shavings flowers
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Today we share another easy homemade Mother’s day card idea. Don’t forget to see our collection of Mother’s day card ideas and our Mother’s day gift idea – cd upcycled craft.

Handmade cards are always a very popular and a very favorite gift for many of us, especially when its the little hands that craft them. When my daughter started drawing zig-zag lines on a piece of paper and started gifting them to me as cards I was enthralled by her creativity and it has become a big part of our lives. She has always done them since for every occasion. I personally feel it makes for the cutest and sweetest gift from a child.

We have done many handmade cards in the past for Valentines day and this time we decided to use our pencil shavings to create pretty flowers. This is fun and easy kids activity that can be turned easily into homemade Mother’s day cards.

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]

  • Construction paper/ Cardstock Paper
  • Pencil Shavings
  • Glue
  • Paint

Try to collect the pencil shavings and try not to break them into bits. The longer strands you can get, the better.

handmade mother's day cards

Fold/cut a construction/card stock paper to a card size. Apply a round spot of glue and create flower designs with the pencil shavings. You can draw leaves and bees and really let the artist work his/her magic and set to let the glue dry. Once dry you can use colors to paint the pencil shavings into the colors of your choice.

easy mothers day cards

So easy and a child can easily do this with very little adult supervision. The broken bits can be used to create buds and the bigger pieces can be used to create layers for a floral design.

homemade mothers day cards

It is also a simple learning exercise to see how the shavings look from a round ,smooth pencil and how a pencil with sides create the zigzag patterns on the shaving. It also creates a very interesting design technique.

mother's day cards

We hope you try these simple and adorable cards at home and make them for your loved ones.

We have a small collection of ideas that will work as beautiful homemade cards or Mother’s day cards.

homemade mothers day cards ideas

recycle cd's


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