Home Art Projects Fall Activities: Homemade edible apple paints

Fall Activities: Homemade edible apple paints

Fall Activities: Homemade edible apple paints
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Fall Activities: Homemade edible apple paints for fall

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While fall is not technically here, we love to get ready for the change of season by engaging in easy and fun fall activities.. Check out all our fun fall activities we did last year.

On to today’s fun!

Regular washable kids paint is great for art activities. My kids and I’m sure yours adore painting. Every now and then the kids get a kick out of painting with homemade paint and generally something that is NOT conventionally used for painting to create beautiful art.

With that in mind, let me remind you about the theme for DAY 2 of the fall play recipes series – fall themed paints.  Check out day 1’s post on fall themed apple dough.

We whipped up these super easy edible paints, scented and homemade that would be perfect for babies and toddlers. In our house even my preschooler was more than excited to try out this new paint.

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]

  • Apple Pie Filling
  • Apple Spice
  • Food Colors
  • Cornstarch(optional)


These scented, edible paints just welcome the new fall season with 2 big arms. They smell so delicious ( my 4 year old’s words) I used up 1 can of apple pie filling and ground it to a purée consistency. I divided the purée into three bowl and set them out.

materials for apple paint

Just the sight of these delicious paints elicited many oohs and aahs from the kids. My preschooler added the colors ( red, yellow and green) to the fillings. My toddler had a chance to squeeze the food color. Every time she gets a hold of glue or food color things don’t necessarily go the way want, read excess squeezing!! However this time I observed that my toddler has learned to exercise control while squeezing things. Now she able to squeeze out 2 drops a time. Hurray for developing  fine motor skills.

mix food colors

Then we added lots of apple pie spice until we were actually able to smell the deliciousness.

fall fun with apples

The best part is these fall apple paints are EDIBLE and baby-safe. If you add the corn starch you will get a nice finger paint consistency that is perfect for babies.

fall paints

My toddler loved painting, squishing with pretend apples. Unlike her sister my toddler did not have any set goals while making art. She loves exploring by spreading as much paint as you can possibly can on the paper.

printing with apples

My lovely preschooler on the other hand, adores making a plan first. She had me draw the apples first  on the paper and then she took her time finger painting the delicious scented apple paints into the apples. She was very specific about using all the colors. These tiny moments are a great way to catch a glimpse of their growth- how much their patience, tolerance, their fine motor skills have developed.

creating fall art

All the apples were painted with so much care and utmost concentration.

apple paint drawing

Her finished product!

apple art

The following day we even tried printing with real apples. My preschooler’s verdict: I liked finger painting with apple paint MUCH better than printing with the paint. Cornstarch in the paint made it such a fun sensory paint. Although I think without the cornstarch the paint would be suitable for printing as well.

apple prints

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These edible paints are great for babies and toddlers. Do you have toddlers or babies in your life and feel coming up with baby activities are so challenging? We, in collaboration with other bloggers have put together a book with GREAT activities for babies and toddlers.

small image

Some highlights

  • There are 25 unique baby/toddler play ideas
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  • There is a wide range of activities with classic baby play, sensory play, homemade toys and many learning activities.

On to the post


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edible apple paints


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