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Easy Mother’s day card with process art

We love homemade cards here! When the kids were younger they enjoyed  craft and art projects that has a big element of process over product in it.  As they grew up they loved crafts and open ended art projects equally.

Today’s art project that was turned into a Mother’s day card is kind of like a throwback so to speak since we did a whole lot of process art first.That’s exactly why this mother’s day homemade card will work for all ages because you can taking a simple free form  art project – where the child is free to create and then turning into a card. That gives the child a lot of freedom and is not steered to make a card for mom a certain way.

I don’t have pictures of the bubble printing we did. It is actually a very easy art project you can do with the kids. Using a heavy paper like card stock paper or  watercolor paper helped us a lot  since this activity is going to suck up some water and you want something sturdy to make a card eventually. After the bubble printing paper dried you don’t want to be left with a paper that is buckling at the edges.