Mother’s Day Crafts : Upcycle a CD for an out of this world gift

Mother’s Day Crafts : Upcycle a CD for an out of this world gift
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I mean literally!

An easy Mother’s day craft made from recyclables.

Honestly everyday is a very special Mothers Day for me. Ever since I became a mom to my two beautiful daughters, my world is changed for the better. It has taught me things I never knew existed. I now know what my Mother meant when she said “Talk to me when you have children” ! I now know my mother was a “SUPER WOMAN” !

While it’s the day I love all the attention, it truly is a very stressful time for my husband who know has this mighty challenge( go figure) to take the girls out and find me a present. Last year he took the girls to Micheal’s and they made this beautiful apron with hand prints and my then 3 yr old made these adorable drawings on them. Boy! was I was ecstatic!

So, while working on a separate craft project, I thought our creations would make for a wonderful Mother’s day craft and inturn a great Mother’s day gift as well.  The dads can put together this one in no time. Dads- this is straight up your alley !

All you need for this Mother’s day craft

  • Old CD’s
  • Paint
  • Sequins
  • White glue
  • Plastic eggs ( left over eggs from Easter)
  • Hot glue gun ( to be used by an adult)
  • A shoe box

Very simple craft so, dads if you are reading this… Relax !

Give two CD’s to your kids and let them decorate it to their hearts content on the shiny side. Now this part can get a little messy, so if you are not up for picking up glitter, offer them stuff that you are comfortable with like foam stickers, or gluing sequins, markers or water colors.

cd upcycle art

Let the art dry. Now hot glue the CD’s back to back, shiny side up, you dont want to cover up the art work !

cd recycle art

Open the plastic egg and hot glue the top and bottom of the egg on to the center of the CD’s covering the hole. Your own little spacecrafts. How is that for a super fun craft for kids?  You can opt to just use the sheels only on the top so the kids can use their fingers to hover the space raft around. I’ll leave that up to the child’s interest.

Now here comes the very best part: Turn the Mother’s Day Craft into a gift.

Take a shoe box, fill it up with tissue paper and place the spaceship inside.Attach your handwritten note, something like

“Mommy, you’re so outta this world – Thank you and Love you”

Mother's day gift ideas

Now tell me a mom who would’nt love that as a Mother’s day gift?

Now ladies: You can leave your screen on for dad to see this page.

Here are our spaceships that we made !

cd recycle craft spaceship


Thanks for reading.

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