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An easy Mother’s day kids craft made from recyclables and a free printable included. Homemade cards and homemade Mother’s day gifts are the best!

Honestly everyday is a very special Mothers Day for me. Ever since I became a mom to my two beautiful daughters, my world is changed for the better. It has taught me things I never knew existed. I now know what my Mother meant when she said “Talk to me when you have children” ! I now know my mother was a “SUPER WOMAN”

While it’s the day I love all the attention, it truly is a very stressful time for my husband who know has this mighty challenge( go figure) to take the girls out and find me a present. Last year he took the girls to Micheal’s and they made this beautiful apron with hand prints and my then 3 yr old made these adorable drawings on them. Boy! was I was ecstatic!

So, while working on a separate craft project, I thought our creations would make for a wonderful Mother’s day craft and in turn a great Mother’s day gift as well.  The dads can put together this one in no time. Dads- this is straight up your alley !

All you need for this Mother’s day craft

Materials (affiliate links)