Home Art Projects Abstract Art for Kids: Night sky on canvas

Abstract Art for Kids: Night sky on canvas

Abstract Art for Kids: Night sky on canvas
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Abstract Art for Kids: Night sky on canvas

I thought our days of abstract art for kids were long gone! The kids are at the age where they are keen on redecorating their rooms since they have developed a strong opinions about room decor and organization. In the past we have created many DIY kids wall art like our first thanksgiving wall art and this easy nail polish kids wall art for kids. This post has the easiest abstract art for kids that can easily be a striking wall art.

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Materials ( affiliate links)

Black and White Washi Tape

Black Painting Stretched Canvas

Gold Round Color Sticker

Bulk Loose Sequins ( good chance you will find the crescent moon in a bulk jar)

Mod Podge

I couldn’t locate a gold crescent moon stickers (like the stars and the dots) so I have linked to a jar of sequins. We found out crescent moon sequins from our loose sequins jar.While I have linked to closely related items online, we purchased our materials from our local craft store pre-shutdown!

A black canvas and some cute tape was a good good starting point for this abstract art.

wall art night sky kids craft 6 2

From there own the older kid started designing her own canvas with Washi tape. She stuck to her favorite black and white theme and mentioned that she is trying to create more interest in the canvas by avoiding parallel lines. The canvas  ended up with more trapezoids and triangles. Once she was satisfied with the design, she stuck the gold dots stickers on the intersections to bring more shine in.

night sky wall art with canvas 9

This art project was supposed to be a simple just canvas and tape art project but somehow turned into an abstract art night sky. Once she finished the gold dots sticker, she decided to fill in the empty spaces with moon and stars and thus her new wall art was created! The gold dots were self adhesive but the gold moon and stars sequins needed to be glued to the canvas.

night sky kids craft10

Hang up the abstract art and enjoy! Great companion activity if you are learning about the night sky or constellations.

Some books!


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night sky craft wall art kids can make

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