Home Art Projects Abstract Art for Kids: Night sky on canvas

Abstract Art for Kids: Night sky on canvas

Abstract Art for Kids: Night sky on canvas
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Night Sky Canvas Wall Art for Kids

A striking wall art older kids can make with washi tape and some sequins
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time15 mins


  • Set out a 8*10 black canvas
  • Alternatively use a white canvas painted black with acrylic paint
  • Use a black and white themed washi tape to create criss cross geomteric patterns on the canvas
  • Take care to not use the same Washi tape pattern on parallel lines.
  • Create more interest by avoiding parallel lines and there by you end up with more trapezoids and triangles
  • Use large self adhesive gold dots to on intersection points. Odd numbers and asymmetry makes it interesting ( personal choice)
  • Use Mod Podge to glue moon and stars sequins inside the boxes created by the tape
  • Hang it up and enjoy!

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