Home Crafts Recycled Crafts: DIY Themed Room Boxes kids can make

Recycled Crafts: DIY Themed Room Boxes kids can make

Recycled Crafts: DIY Themed Room Boxes kids can make
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Recycled Crafts: DIY Themed Room Boxes kids can make

If you are a lover of recycled crafts, miniature crafts or anything miniature this is an activity for you. There are so many mini model houses, rooms etc you can put together as a wonderful stress relieving hobby. However if you or the littles are just starting out, this activity will be a great low cost first step to see if this activity is something you enjoy. Besides, there is always a thrill of a good DIY of a store brought project that makes you start thinking of creative ways to get the same result.

Here are some supplies we used from our recyclables stash. We always have cereal boxes or any dry food boxes, bottle caps, paper clips etc. We also have a basic craft stash that we have built over the years. Hot glue, paper clips, cork sheets, felt cloth, craft sticks, mini dowel rods are a part of it.


Walls- Take three cardboard pieces and measure them so they fit together with 1 base and 2 walls touching each other.

cheerios crafts with carboad

Floor- Take a piece of corrugated cardboard and paint it the color of your choice. (Choose a hardwood color) Use a ruler and make lines about 1 inch apart. Draw a line across 1 section and skip the next. Draw it on the 3rd section and so on. Then, on the sections you skipped, draw another line, about 2 inches lower, now skipping the sections you first drew lines on. Continue this down all the way. Lightly scribble with a graphite pencil on the floor to mimic the wood texture.

Rug- Just a regular piece of cork cut into a square.

Bed- Make a rectangular prism shape. Add a headboard made of cardboard.


Take felt and fold in half.

Glue or sew 2 of the 3 sides shut.

Fill the opening with cotton balls.

Glue/sew the final side closed.

Sheet- An eyeglass cleaner cloth- the slightly fluffy kind.



Night Stand- Cut out a circle from cardboard and paint it. Bend craft wires for the legs.

Cup- Twist wire into a spiral and coat with hot glue to get the desired shape. Add a handle made of wire when the glue is partially dry.

table round


Table- A store bought mini table, with the legs shortened.

Swivel Chair- Cover a bottle cap with paper and cut out a rectangle of card stock. Wrap around half of the cap and hot glue into place. Take a dowel and glue to the bottom. Add a small paper circle to the bottom.

recycled craft swivel chair

Design board/vision board- Cut out a small piece of cork and attach drawings/printouts of your choice. Add mini sticky notes!

Picture hanger- Glue a length of string into the corner and glue the end to the wall at a length you like. Attach mini clothespins and hang pictures on them.

table cardboard crafts

Wall Pictures- Cut out a frame from cardboard and attach a printed picture to the back.

Wire wall decor- Bend crafting wire into a simple shape, such as a cat or dog outline. Don’t add too many details.

cat cardboard crafts for kids

Potted Plant- Take a mini plastic shot glass and cover with paper. Insert fake plants.

and then you are done. But there are so many other ways to customize this project based on your interests.

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