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Picture Frame Wall Art

Picture Frame Wall Art
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Picture Frame Wall Art

Make  colorful wall art for your kids’ rooms using picture frames and nail polish. Simple kids art activity.

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Finding colorful wall art for kids’ rooms can be simple and easy on the wallet. My children and I enjoy creating art to hang them in their play space and in their rooms. They loved creating the spring themed wall art. We have also turned out tissue paper tie-dye art into wall art for their rooms. Today we are sharing this simple kids art activity that can be dressed up into hangable wall art for kids rooms.


  • Empty pictures frames
  • Nail Polish
  • Black permanent marker


I picked up a bunch a of cheap picture frames from the dollar store and removed the insert. I added a crisp sheet of white paper behind the glass and set it out along with colorful nail polish I picked up from the dollar store as well. I would have loved a white frame but oh well!!

The children were psyched with the idea of creating and painting with nail polish. This was a fun a and unique kids art project for them. They have never painted with nail polish! I mean other than their nails ofcourse.

From our previous table top art gallery post, I guessed that my older kid is into geometric designs right and now loves using her ruler to create multiple spaces on paper and fill those in with vibrant colors. So I had her recreate that. With a ruler and a black marker she created a pattern with lines.

After that all they had to do was fill the sections in with the multiple nail polishes they had

mirrors art

It was a great exercise for their developing fine motor skills. Staying inside the lines with the nail polish brush was a challenge. I mean this is a skill that will come in handy for girls, right?  Making sure the color doesn’t go off on the skin when you are painting your toes in a hurry?? Huh? No? Ok, I kid, I kid. No stereotyping here..

Here is a little video of the process.

Loving the vibrant colors here..

kids wall art with picture frames

This kids art will make any bare wall pop with colors. Alternatively, you can also slip an outline of an image under the glass and have the kids trace and fill in with colors.

wall art for kids rooms


Retrace the outline with a black permanent marker


art with kids with mirrors

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