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Thanksgiving Art Activities : Handprint Family Portrait

Thanksgiving Art Activities : Handprint Family Portrait
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Thanksgiving Art using handprints

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It’s Turkey Season! and we have plenty of Thanksgiving Crafts and activities, especially our favorite- turkey crafts. Our most popular Thanksgiving craft is our fantail turkey craft we did with paper rolls.

November is a big month for our family. Two birthdays and one anniversary! My turkey babies are turning 4 and 2 around Thanksgiving time and come mid November my husband and I would have been married for eight years! To commemorate that, we did a family Turkey day project.

I can honestly tell you that this is the first time we have done any art and crafts projects with the kids as a family. Usually it is only me who does any kids activities. This time we involved daddy as well and had a fun time painting our palms. The Thanksgiving art turned out beautiful!

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First we started off with daddy’s hand print after we painted his palm with acrylic paint in turkey colors. You could easily use washable paint if you are not working on a canvas.

Big A was very keen on painting mom’s hands by herself and she did a good job with the brush.

thanksgiving handprint turkey

Here are our very colorful hands sans baby A who was super handsy that day.

hand turkey for thanksgiving

When it was Big A’s turn she was Big A was pretty good at transferring a good hand print on to the canvas. Once we applied paint on Baby A’s palm, she mushed up her handprint while printing as though it was only the logical step after getting paint on her hands. But don’t fret since that smudge there gave the Thanksgiving art some character and reality .

hand turkey

Once we were done with the turkey handprints, the canvas was missing something and daddy suggested a tree, a fall tree to give the Thanksgiving art a complete look. He drew a large tree trunk and Big A proceeded to paint the trunk in.
Kids activities for thanksgivingUsing our finger prints, we created fall leaves on the tree and some dropping leaves. It was fun making leaves with finger prints! We did try to print the leaves in a pattern.

thanksgiving art projects for kids 

We have done our share of fall arts and crafts, every time Big A asks the same question. Why don’t we draw a Sun in a fall art project? “Sun shines every day” she declared. In order to not stifle her creativity, we let her draw Sun and grass using markers on our fall art project. Using her fingers, Big A created flowers. Finger prints flowers are really adorable. Once the paint dried, Big A wrote the caption for the Thanksgiving art tracing a couple and writing the rest of the letters.

Let me tell you this, while this project may appear very simple with just four handprints, it involved a lot of planning if working two kids.Please know your kids and set up the activity accordingly.

This is the final product

thanksgiving art for kids

 Please note: My kids get a LOT, I mean a LOT of time to engage in free form painting and creating. While this art project does get the kids into a certain boundary of creating, I think it is equally important for her to follow certain directions, especially when she starts school. I cannot have her say“ I will color that triangle only green not brown” She is usually ok with following the rules at school and I want to keep her that way.

 Bonding as a family doing art project- pffff that’s not our thing. Do you even know my kids? If you are thinking along those lines, then, you might want to take a look at this fun game which can easily be turned into a family game.

If you are looking for more Thanksgiving ideas, check back in a few days, we have lined up a few Thanksgiving Crafts.

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