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Sensory Activities For Kids : Edible Sand Dough Recipe

Sensory Activities For Kids : Edible Sand Dough Recipe
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Sensory Activities For Kids : Edible Sand Dough Recipe

Make this gritty taste safe sand dough perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. This play recipe is made using edible ingredients.

Well, what do you know! The 4th just passed and we are into full blown summer. { All our summer activities for kids here} Continuing with our earlier sand theme, where we made edible sand we improvised and created a wonderfully gritty “edible” sand dough with a gorgeous texture for little hands. Bonus– it is scented and made from your kitchen ingredients.

You see the gorgeous rainbow edible sand? Don’t forget to check out the sand recipe in our earlier post and stop by all our play recipes.

sand dough with edible ingredients

The texture of this dough is gritty and is a welcome change from the usual smooth and soft play dough.  We do love our usual play dough and we have even made a chilled version { chilled playdough recipe} But we really wanted to experiment with creating a sandy, gritty dough to welcome summer!

orange sand dough

By varying the water quantity you can get 2 different textures. The one below has slightly more water which results in less gritty sand dough. The one on top has a grittier texture.

Pink sand dough

Making sand dough “cakes” was a wonderful sensory activity for the kids since they talked about the dough and taking big whiffs of the scent. The watermelon scent (using our trusted Watermelon Kool-Aid} was their favorite.

play recipe for sand dough

I loved that the kids enjoyed mixing the edible play sand and the sand dough. They used the sand as sprinkles.

colorful sand dough

The colors were of course mixed to create rainbow cakes.

sand dough for kids recipe kids playing with sand dough

The tiny plastic cups (island theme) were used to cut out simple circles. The children then stacked them up to make multiple cakes and structures.

sand dough for kids

To make similar sized balls of sand dough, use the following measurements.

Edible Sand Dough Recipe ( affiliate links)

Water:  I added 1/4 cup of boiling water to some colors and less than 1/4 cup of boiling water to other colors. The kids loved both but the lesser water makes the dough grittier.

Kool-Aid: Again the entire envelope ( 2 tsp) for an intense color and half the envelope for a more subtle color and scent.

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touch edible slime

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preschool play book

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baby book

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