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Edible Sand Recipe

Edible Sand Recipe
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Edible Sand Recipe for summer

Easy homemade play sand made using pantry ingredients. Ah! summer is here and the children love playing in the sand. Couple of years ago they had a ball making an island in our sandbox ( time to do that again!) They also loved making beach creatures. This season, we want to kick off summer fun with this simple “edible sand” recipe using basic pantry ingredients. play recipe for sand You can keep this scented play sand as loose dry sand which is great for scooping and pouring or with a bit of extra water you can keep them moldable as real damp beach sand. edible scented sand The scent and the colors turn out gorgeous. scented sand recipe for kids and honestly the preparation is so simple. play sand recipe for kids This below is NOT a carefully created sand art. The children were absolutely mesmerized playing with the sand that they strictly said ” no camera when we are playing” hahahah. So I respected their wishes ( commands?) and waited until they were done. But right in the middle of their play time I hear ” mom, come over here! You have to take a picture! This cupcake we made is gorgeous” Of course it is.. They did a lot of scooping and pourning and realized that they created a wonderful piece of sand art during their play time. art with scented edible sand forkids They were multiple cakes and rainbow cupcakes. edible sand for summer and lava cakes. ( I mean real, red hot lava cakes.) play sand recipe Their chance creation of sand art led them to create a more intentional sand art in a cup. sand art for kids Now on to the simple recipe for edible sand. Materials

Place 1/2 cup of cornmeal in a container. Add 2 envelopes of Kool-Aid (unsweetened drink mix) for every 1/2 cup for the best color and scent. Add about 1/4 tbsp of water. Water is added for the drink mix to give out its vibrant color and scent. Mix thoroughly with hands or a spoon until the color spreads evenly. If you want a more moldable sand, add more water.. Place them in separate containers and place the lot in a big shallow plastic tub. The children can enjoy the colors first and then we all know what happens! They enjoy the mixing process even more. Cornmeal in itself is a fantastic sensory material. We first used it in our alphabet sensory bin. Then in our desert sensory bin and in our fall activities for math post. Note: remember the cornmeal is yellow and the color you add with mix in and give you a secondary color. The green sand you see is actually cornmeal and blue Kool-Aid.

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Edible Play Sand Recipe for kids

We went ahead and tried making a dough with the play sand and it turned out so good.

How to make sand dough

sand dough for kids

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    • A little bit because of the Kool-Aid. But the person making the sand will have stained hands which will go with some warm water and soap scrubbing. But the children will be fine without any stained hands since the color would have settled in with the cornmeal. The children also would probably use tools like shovels and scoops. The person making the “sand” can easily avoid the stain by using forks or spoons to mix the color in.

  1. I am highly sensitive to smell. I know that the smell from the Kool aid would drive me bonkers 😉 any suggestions for coloring without scent?


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