Sensory Activities for Kids : Silky Soft Goop Recipe

Sensory Activities for Kids : Silky Soft Goop Recipe
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Sensory Activities for Kids : Silky Soft Goop Recipe


2  ingredient silky smooth goop recipe!


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We usually do all of our sensory activities on a whim. I almost always involve my children when we are experimenting with a few materials and they love that part the best. By that process many of our sensory activities for kids become science experiments as well.

So what is this silky smooth goop recipe?

It is only the smoothest, softest goop that has enthralled my kids to no bounds that they christened it” fur goop”, “cloud goop”, “glue goop”, “super soft goop” . Just a few names they used to express the fantastic smooth texture they were experiencing with this awesome goop.


flowing silky smooth goop recipe

Doesn’t this sensory activity look so fun? It sure was. The goop oozed and flowed freely. They picked it up by the handful and let it flow back into the tub…

sensory activities for kids goop in hands

The goop  started off a teeny bit sticky. But the more they played with it the softer, smoother and less sticky it became.

smooth oobleck play

The texture was squishy although they don’t mold into a ball or anything.. It is very free flowing.

kids playing with goop- sensory activities for kids

soft goop recipe

 flowing goop

The kids finally requested color ( I was surprised that they waited that long for color!) But it turned out great since with all the white you can see how smooth and fluffy the actual goop is.

We added a bit of Kool-Aid (unsweetened drink mix) to it. But you could add any color ( we love the Wilton Gel Food Colorssensory activities for kids and the Sax Liquid Watercolorssensory activities for kids)

mixing colors in soft goop recipe

Sensory Activities for language skills and critical/scientific thinking

I can’t say enough about engaging in sensory activities with the kids! It really brings out the vocabulary in them. My kids used so many words to describe  the texture. My 5 year old asked quite a few science based questions in terms of the ingredients ( why doesn’t it turn into solid when I press it” – you will understand the meaning of this question when you see the materials used )

Materials Needed( links to products used provided below)

Liquid Starchsensory activities for kids

Cornstarchsensory activities for kids


making smooth goop

For very 1/2 cup of cornstarch (cornflour) add 2 ounces of liquid starch and go from there.

For our activity I had about 2 cups of cornstarch(cornflour) and a bit more than 8 ounces of liquid starch.

Keep mixing the liquid starch to the cornstarch until you get a free-flowing silky soft goop.

Please Note : this will NOT be a non-Newtonian substance meaning it will not behave like regular oobleck. Regular cornstarch+water mixture will behave like a solid when applied pressure (pressing it) but will behave like a liquid when let loose. This silky smooth goop does not have that property since we are using liquid starch instead of water but the texture is to die for!

Liquid starch in itself is a mixture of cornstarch, oil, soap and other substances.. Combining these two materials has resulted in a goop with an amazing texture.

Thanks for reading

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Products Used


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