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Easy Mother’s day card with process art

Easy Mother's day card with process art We love homemade cards here! When the kids were younger they enjoyed  craft and art projects that has a big element of process over product...
Day Cards

10 Mother’s Day Card Ideas

10 Mother's Day Card Ideas For any occasion, handmade cards by kids shows so much love and thought. Especially on Mother's Day which mom wouldn't love to receive a cute handmade card from...
How to make colored pasta for play and learning

How to dye pasta for art projects

How to dye pasta for art projects Use regular food coloring to dye pasta and use them for kids art projects, kids crafts and for learning activities This post contains affiliate links. If...

Art projects for Kids : Scented String Art

Got to love yarn art project for kids. In the past we have used yarn for learning, fine motor and for craft too. We have done sticky yarn project for learning...

Christmas Crafts for Kids : Jingle Bells Bracelets

You know we love Christmas crafts with jingle bells. We have used those fun supplies in plenty of crafts and the recent one being our cute and easy Jingle Bells Car...

Fun Christmas Lights Activities for Kids

A collection of kids and family activities with Christmas Lights theme. You will find a big list of fun art projects, crafts, science, simple fun and even printables and patterns. Christmas Lights Art...