Home Art Projects Fall Tree Crafts : Sticky fall tree toddlers can make

Fall Tree Crafts : Sticky fall tree toddlers can make

Fall Tree Crafts : Sticky fall tree toddlers can make
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Fall Tree Crafts : Sticky fall tree craft

Contact paper is such a versatile kids activity supply and one that lends itself to various kids crafts and art projects. We have used contact paper earlier in our Sticky Yarn Learning Activity. Today we are sharing our sticky fall tree craft which turned out to be so much more than a simple fall craft for kids.

Materials needed { affiliate links}

Con-Tact Brand Paper

Con-Tact Paper, Orange {optional}

Premium Value Yarn Pack – 24 Acrylic Yarn Skeins

Fall Acrylic Mini Leaves

120 Artificial Fall Maple Leaves

Plastic Acorns

Brown Washable Paint

Draw a tree outline on a clear or orange colored contact paper. We set out some fall themed colored yarn and you can involve the kids in snipping the yarn which is great for fine motor skills and cutting skills.

cut up yarn

Make sure to draw the outline to the fall tree on the sticky side of the contact paper. Tape or glue the other side of the contact paper to another paper or directly to the table if you are planning on hanging the finished art

sticking yarn bits

The kids snipped some yarn bits to mimic the leaves of a fall tree and positioned them on the contact paper.


We used jute for the bark area of the tree.


Some yarn bits were used as fallen leaves as well.


Since the girls really loved this fall tree craft we decided to go bigger and recreated the fall activity on our wall.

This time we rolled out a larger sheet of clear contact paper and outline a fall tree with brown paint. I set out fall table decorations  along with yarn bits and silk leaves. { refer product links in the materials list}

The kids were eager to decorate their sticky fall tree with all their favorite fall themed decorations.

sticky tree art project for toddlers

They started sticking the cutup yarn while redesigning and repositioning the “leaves”. Since the canvas was sticky side of the contact paper it was quite easy to do this. This entire activity was a great fine motor work and did wonders for their vocabulary and team building skills. They had to work together to create this large fall art. The younger kid made sure the outline had a tree hollow for their owls.

fall tree art projects kids can do pretend fall art projects for kids

The girls twister the yarn bits to create leaves for their trees. This particular step helped test and train their patience, coordination and perseverance since it was not easy to get the yarn shaped into leaves. Finally they used fall table scatter gems, silk leaves and plastic acorns to finish off their fall tree craft. Most of our kids crafts activities or even art projects almost always turns into a prop for pretend play and that’s what happened here as well. They planned their fall tree craft in such a way that it was conducive to their following pretend play session. They brought out their owl toys and tried hard to have them stuck on the tree. Since the owls were bigger tape had to be used to have them stuck in the branches.

fall art projects

Here is our finished sticky fall tree craft.

Modify this fall tree craft and turn it into a fall craft for toddlers and preschoolers.

This fall craft is great for toddlers if just yarn bits and contact paper is used without any preset design or shapes. Just set out colored yarn bits and taped contact paper with sticky side up and encourage your younger kid to play, feel and create with vibrantly colored yarn.

Feel free to pin this image for future use

sticky fall tree artsticky fall tree art toddlers

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