Home Art Projects Fall Art Projects for Kids : Easy fall tree printing

Fall Art Projects for Kids : Easy fall tree printing

Fall Art Projects for Kids : Easy fall tree printing
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An easy fall art project using just circles in fall colors. This fall art is so easy that you can easy set this up as a toddler fall art project too. Preschoolers will enjoy making prints to create an even

We have done our fair share of fall activities for kids, fall art projects like this fall tree art project and even engaged in some cool fall sensory activities like this fall sensory jar, fall sensory bin or this beautiful fall sensory bags. We have explored several mediums like liquid watercolors { our favorite brand}, tempera paint, puffy paint. For this year’s upcoming fall season we are kicking off with some simple back to basics fall art project for toddlers and preschoolers.


Primary Supplies {affiliate links in red to similar products used}

Washable Kids Tempera Paint

Hard Plastic 1-Ounce Shot Glasses

Dixie Bath Cups

Paper Plates

After a couple of completed fall tree art projects we saw that it was helpful to have 2 shot classes per color. One upside down and the other right side up. That way the kids were able to get just the rim of the cup painted for some areas and fill it in with solid color { by using the cup right side up} for the rest.

fall art kids materials

I had initially planned on having the kids use different sized cups and printing concentric circles and then having them fill the circles in with watercolors. But they had better plans. It was great to see them use the materials freely and have conversations about printmaking art projects they had done.  We haven’t done printmaking in  a long time and neither have we engaged in free form art projects of this nature. Now that the kids especially the 7 year old wants to learn new techniques and explore various mediums with a goal in mind it was great to see them still enjoy simpler art projects.

printing fall tree with cups

However this bright and colorful fall art project seemed to have attracted both my 7 and my 5 year old {who has always enjoyed exploring just colors and patterns without a design in mind} She went ahead and used up all the colors and explored

fall trees kids art

We finished off the fall tree art with some more prints on the ground to mimic fallen leaves. The older one even wanted to add acorns. Ha!

Simple Fall Tree Art Projects even toddlers can make

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