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Apple Tree Craft : Yarn Apples Craft

Apple Tree Craft : Yarn Apples Craft
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Apple Tree Craft : Yarn Apples Craft

Using simple craft supplies create these cute yarn apple trees. Great for preschoolers.

Since we are in full blown apple season, we have another apple crafts for kids that you and your family can try. Take a look at all of our apple crafts we have done so far.

This apple craft for kids was one of those crafts we did on a whim

Materials {affiliate links}

We used coffee filters and flattened to a circle and painted with washable paint and had them dried. Take a look at our watercolor apple trees to see the process in action. Use Washable Kids Paintinstead of watercolors. Once the green colored coffee filter is dry, set it out along with colored yarn. We love yarn and the kids enjoyed their sticky yarn learning activity and sticky fall tree activity we shared earlier.

materials for apple crafts

It was a great fine motor activity that helped with developing her scissor skills. She snipped the yellow and red yarn into smaller bits.

cutting yarn for apple tree craft

Then I showed her to hold one end of the yarn and start twisting around her finger to start forming circles.

twisting to create yarn apples

After a couple of tries both the kids got it and were yarn apple making machines. ha!

making yarn apples

Since these little yarn circles are just representation of the apples we didn’t focus too much on perfection.

yellow yarn apple craft

Once the “apples” were created they glued them to the green coffee filter papers.

gluing yarn apples for apple crafts

apple crafts gluging yarn apples

There is always time for goofing off with the yarn bundles!


Added a few leaves and glue a craft stick for a trunk to finish off the apple craft.

finished apple craftApple tree crafts kids can make

A great preschool craft to go with your apple theme.

Apple tree crafts kids can make

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