Art Activity: Throw Ball Painting

Art Activity: Throw Ball Painting
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Art activity involving lots of movement.

We played with our big box yet again and this time the activity included paint! 2 weeks ago we came in possession of a huge box and we have already turned it into an art studio for the kids for all their art activities. The kids have played pet shop in there, used it as a workshop, enjoyed the box as reading nook and many more. Today’s post is about how they enjoyed painting inside the box. To see our earlier preschool art activity ideas which involved lots of movement visit our tin can roll painting

Materials { affiliate link below for your reference}

I taped the insides of the box with butcher paper. You could leave it as it. The reason I taped paper was to simply have a removable piece of process art after the art activity and so that the box can become something else the next day. Kids’ interests are fleeting and we all are well aware of that.

I set out a few plastic balls and those sensory squishy creatures available at the dollar store or even at the dollar spot at Target.

 paint a box supplies

With some vibrant colored  paint set out in flat trays the kids dipped their balls to their hearts’ content and then splash! time.

throw ball painting

They threw the balls inside the box and it splattered paint all over. This art activity was pure fun! I had watered down paint so the splatter was even more dramatic.

My 4 year old could not get enough of the ball splattering paint all inside the box

box play with balls

For my toddler, apart from throwing the paint dipped ball, it was all about feeling the paint. All art activities turn into sensory activities with her.

sensory painting

She put her hands and feet inside the paint tray and did a few hand stamps on the box. She even used the squishy creature to paint the insides.

painting a box with squishy

My pre-schooler was all about getting the ball all over the paper. This was one of those multi-age open ended fun art activity – all inside a box.

painting inside the box

After all the fun, here is our box. We would have played longer but the fun had to be cut short for an evening errand.

box paint

Your kid is now an artist who throws paint! You can save to display or frame it.  I have so many of these I’m completely overwhelmed. Ha!

art product

Thanks for reading and let’s have a fun summer

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  1. Rachael Rabbit

    I’m dying to do the same process of throwing paint – but using fabric and then making something out of it for the kids. I hadn’t thought of the box before – it seems like a great idea to contain the mess somewhat!


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