Home Art Projects Glow in the dark play : Quick play idea in a box

Glow in the dark play : Quick play idea in a box

Glow in the dark play : Quick play idea in a box
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Super easy fun kids glow in the dark play idea.

Welcome to another week of quick play ideas.This week’s activity is tremendously fun- glow in the dark play fun.

We have a big box and we have been having fun with it. We have used it as an art studio, for splatter painting, as a store and the obvious gross motor play.

The other day however I surprised them with this simple invitation to play.


I have a black light flashlight purchased from Amazon. Click on the following image to take a look. (affiliate link)

I cut out a hole big enough for the flash light to fit snugly. “Snug” being the operative word- the hole can’t be too big.

glow dark flashlight

I set out couple of fluorescent markers and a white sheets of paper and called the kids to check out the “groovy” box.

Keep in mind that this is our first glow in the dark play activity. So something as simple as this one elicited a big excited squeal from the kiddos.

glow dark flashlight

It was great to see the excitement on the kids’ faces and to hear my 4 year old’s constant reminder that the ” marker looks really pretty” . My 4 year old started off drawing and scribbling just to check out the light’s effects right there on the cardboard.

glow in the dark play with box

To give it a more dramatic look I encouraged to try drawing on the paper and of course that was so much more cool to look and admire. It was amazing to see a how a simple marker, black light and a box got her excited and kept her attention for a long time.

drawing inside

She started drawing an elaborate scene and ofcourse with some animals in here. We love animals and animal activities.

art glow in the dark

This is what she created.

glow in the dark art

The glowing effect does really capture the kids. To top it off, we were simply hanging out in the kitchen with the lights dimmed. She felt she was camping!


To make play time more fun inside the glow box consider setting up a glowing play dough party like Four little piglets.

glow dough

If you are willing to risk paint ( washable paint) purchase some glow in the dark activity paints here. Click on the following affiliate to take a look.

Everything is fun inside a box you know.

I have already thought of a GREAT time to use this glow in the dark play box – during dinner time whining and sibling fights. Dim the lights in the kitchen, haul the box, turn flashlight on and hand over sharpies and may be if you get around to making the glow in the dark play dough, hand over that as well. Hopefully this doesn’t get old too soon. Anyway I really think this glow box will come in handy quite often.

Thanks for reading


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