homemade bubble recipes
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Homemade bubbles recipes

Very warm weather is going to be upon us pretty soon. Let’s get ready with all our summer staples starting with bubbles. Here I have collected a few ways you can have fun with dish soap and water. Get those wands ready and turn your backyard into a giant bubble zone. You will find recipes for homemade bubbles and some cool play ideas.

First things first, recipes for making homemade bubbles


Simple homemade bubble solution

Recipe for those GIANT bubbles

bubbles activities

Bouncing Bubbles

Recipe using corn syrup

Recipe using gelatin : Use gelatin in the place of corn syrup

Tear Free bubbles 

Kool Aid Bubbles


Bubble Painting


Bubbles homemade cards

fire dept and soccer 138


Rainbow Bubbles

rainbow bubbles

Bubble Snakes


Rainbow Bubble Snakes

bubbles snake

Bubbles baby play

baby bubbles play

Bubbles sensory bin

 Bubbles in a cup

Glowing Bubbles

DIY Bubble Wands

Using straws and strings