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Art activities for kids : Art projects for your active child

Art activities for kids : Art projects for your active child
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Art activities for kids who love to move.

The original photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash

Senjuti Kundu

These kids adore art and paint just as much as movement. Unfortunately they cannot stay put at the art table to enjoy and complete the activity because they need to MOOOVE…and not sit.If the child gets stir crazy and cannot stay long enough at the art table to complete the art activity, these ideas will work great! They also are great for your fine motor- art loving kids because let’s just face it – it involves lots of paint. Here is a fun collection from our favorite bloggers( of course you will see a few from here). When I say active art, I mean art activities which do not involve being at an table with a paint brush.{ By the way we love those too. For a collection of our art activities visit the category page by clicking on the blue link}

Here is our fun list. To go to the original post click on the bold blue or bold black links.

1. Bounce Painting from Twins at Play

2. Tin Cans Painting from Blog Me Mom

3. Throw Ball Painting from Blog Me Mom

4. Gigantic Ball Painting from 4 Herraras

5. Pendulum Painting from Housing a Forest

art projects for kids

6. Ribbon Painting from Hands on As we Grow

7. Squirt Gun Painting from Blog Me Mom

8. Slide Painting from Mess for Less

9. Painting in the shower from Learn Play Imagine

10. Active toddler art from Two Daloo


11.Painting with rocks f f from Fantastic Fun and Learning

12. Pitch and Paint from Growing a Jeweled Rose

13. Bubble Wrap Painting from Irresistable Ideas

14. Active Disk Painting from Blog Me Mom

15. Trike Painting from The Golden Gleam

set-3 16. Spin Art from Growing a Jeweled Rose

17. Mop Painting from Teach Preschool

18. Feet Painting from Fun At Home With Kids

19. Rain Boots Painting from The Imagination Tree

20. Large Scale Car Painting from Blog Me Mom

set-4 21.Fly Swatter Painting from Reading Confetti

22.Balloon Painting from Growing a Jeweled Rose

23.Exploding Art from Housing a Forest

24.Flick Painting from Blog Me Mom

25.Painting with toy trains from Play Trains

set-5 26. Bouncy Ball Painting from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots

27. Splat Painting from Toddler Approved

28. Pumpkin Roll from Putti’s World

29.Coconut Painting from Fun-A-Day

30. Shaker Painting from PickleBums

set-6 31. Chalk Splat from Growing a Jeweled Rose

32. Squirt Bottle Painting from Mess for less

33. Frog Feet Painting from Crayons Freckles

34. Window Painting from Mess for Less

35. Silly Sensory Ball Painting  from B-Inspired Mama

set-7 36. Kick Ball Painting from Hands on as we grow

37. Full body painting from Preschool Play

38Michaelangelo Painting from Rainy Day Mum

39. Coffee Can Painting from Teaching 2 and 3 year olds

40. Squishy Toy Painting from Creative Connection for kids


41. Paint with your feet from Sense of Wonder

42. Large Drip Painting from Childhood 101

43. Active Art for baby from Lessons Learnt Journal

44. Giant hand print art from Blog Me Mom

45. Gymnastics Painting from Blog Me Mom

set-9 46Hole Painting { on the ground on a large sheet of paper} from The Artful Parent

47. Dance Painting from Stress Free Kids

48. Side Walk Fizzing Art from Learn Play Imagine

49. Chasing Bubbles Art from Childhood Beckons

50. Slide Mark Making from Tinker Lab


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