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Winter Crafts for Kids : Snow Jars

Winter Crafts for Kids : Snow Jars
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Most of our winter activities for kids have been sensory activities. We did make one winter craft for kids and this is our second. The children are not tired of our winter sensory bin we created a while ago. The base was good old Epsom salt with iridiscent flakes added for good measure. { Access all our winter crafts here and our Epsom Salt posts here}


Epsom Salt

Iridescent Flakes

Clean Glass Jars

Craft foam ( orange, black and white)

Glue/Modge Podge Button

s In the same pretend snow sensory tub, I added a couple of clean glass jars I had on hand. I set out Modge Podge ( you can use glue as well) in the same winter sensory bin.

snow jars materials

My older one just went at it with her bare hands ( literally) to slather glue all over the glue. She oddly enjoyed this part very much. Her relationship with glue has been on and off- some days she loves getting glue on her hands and then there are other days where she can’t stand the feeling of glue on her hands. ( Now goop and paint- that’s a whole different story} However that day was special since she wanted to “paint the jar with glue” with just her hands. That’s what we did and she had bright smiles on her face.

snowactivitiesforkids -snow jars

Then came the best part. We rolled the glued up jar all around the salty sensory bin trying to pick up as much glittered salt as possible. The rolling was non-stop.

rolling snow jars in snow

You can let the jar dry for a while and do another coat reapting the process again. Since I’m working with a younger child whose mantra is still “instant gratification” we went ahead and filled up the jar with more of the sensory salt. There was lots of scooping, pouring, squealing and vocabulary-building. Did I mention singing? Yes definitely singing.

snowfun for kids pouring snow

Here are our shimmering winter crafts for kids all made from the remnants of our winter sensory bin.

snow play inside

Then what’s the next logical step int he crafting with kids world? Do you wanna build a snowman? Ofcourse! Always the women’s rights fighter ” Why always a snowman, may be I want to make a snow woman some day” says the 5 year old. The snowman features are all simply cut from craft foam.

build a snowman

An younger kid would have even more fun identifying the facial features and attaching them to the bottles. { Check out our recent winter craft for kids – magnetic snowman play kit}

snowman jars with fake snow

These 2 look so adorable together! Display proudly ( preferably with a small plate underneath)

snow jars snow man

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preschool play book

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baby book

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