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Snowman Crafts for Kids : Magnetic Snowman

Snowman Crafts for Kids : Magnetic Snowman
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Snowman craft for kids : Magnetic snowman

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Fun snowman crafts for kids that doubles up as a portable game that stores easily.

Have you seen our Magnetic Christmas Tree? Have you also seen our Winter Sensory Bin where I had added small cookie tins and magnetic letters. Well, we mixed up both these and came up with this simple Magnetic Snowman play with cookie tins. I could have done a large magnetic snowman craft on our refrigerator then again I had always wanted to make one of those portable magnetic car games for kids. {Visit our Busy Play for Long Drives Pinterest board for more ideas}This idea seemed to work on all front.


  • Round Cookie Tin
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Craft Foam Sheets
  • Pom Poms
  • Ribbons
  • Magnetic Tape

The children painted a round cookie tin lid with white acrylic paint. Depending on your lid it may need more than 1 coat to fully cover up the lid.

cookie tin snowman

This snowman craft needs a little bit of preparation. I used a combination of Dollar Tree foam sheets and high-quality craft foam to cut out snowman features and a couple of accessories – hats, bows and earmuffs etc. The kids decorated the hats we made with ribbons and pom poms. This part is all up to you, your kids, the time you are willing to devote. At the minimum you will need at least the eyes, nose and a mouth with a hat to have a play session.

Next – all I did was cut strips of a roll of magnetic tape and stick to the back of the foam accessories and features. This roll comes as a sticky back, so glue is not needed. Here is an Amazon link for the product.

Accessories for Magnetic snowman craft for kids
materials for snowman play

A bright white cookie tin with magnetic features and accessories was a very inviting play setup. On a day I was doing a one-on-one time with my younger one while my older one was away at soccer, I presented this to us. Her squeals of joy actually woke up her sleeping grandmother. It was a combination of spending time alone with mommy and this fun snowman craft, that made my toddler have a grand time with this activity.

cookie tin snowman craft for kids(2)

She had a choice of eyes, mouth, cheeks, bows and plenty more to choose one. She started off making simple faces with her favorite accessories. This may be a great exercise even for younger children learning their facial features and a precursor to drawing basic human faces.

magnetic snowman craft (2)

Note the fine motor skills practice that goes into activities like this.

playing with snowman craft (2)

Of all the snow man faces she made that afternoon this face by far is my favorite.

snowman craft for kids

She cracked up really hard after making each “silly snowman” as she called him. Here he is with a piratey-looking hat with multiple pom poms jewels adoring it.

playing with snowman craft

Scroll down for all the faces she made. In the mean time check out this amazing game she made while doing this snowman craft. She laid down all the foam pieces magnet side up and lined them up nice and straight. Then she rolled down the cookie tin like a wheel and the tin started picking up all the magnetic pieces from the surface. Oh man, this alone made her crack up so hard.

rolling magnet snowman (2)

To top it all, she hung the ear muffs from the bottom of the cookie tin and started singing the nursery rhyme  ” Ding Dong Bell..” really loud.

rolling magnet snowman

Then we got even more sillier and added all of the foam features on top of the tin and called him a “messy snowman” She even made a couple of faces inside the cookie tin and behind the tin lid. As you can see there are SO MANY ways to play with this simple set. Makes for a great gift too!

kids made snowmanTake a look at all the silly little snowman faces she made.  There are a couple with 2 bows on his forehead because ” if the bow is on the neck then he is a boy but bow is on the head then it is a girl. I want a snow girl mommy” Gotta love that logic!

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